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  1. IGN - casrman Age - 22 Reason for joining - looking for a server to simply build and make friends Have you read the rules - Yes Tekkit experience - 1 year
  2. Member App: IGN: casrman Age: 22 Why to accept you: I'm a mature tekkit player, I play strictly for fun, not to grief on anyone hard work. I get along well with others as well! Country & Timezone: USA / Mountain time Tekkit Experience: About a year Reason for joining: Looking for a good non PvP server to enjoy tekkit on! Have you read the rules: Yes How long have you played tekkit: about a year What you feel you can contribute: Cool buildings and industrial designs Time you can contribute to the server: many many hours a day!
  3. Episode 10 - Flying Powers is up. Episode 11 and 12 are on the way :)
  4. Hey guys my YouTube channel is caseJacob and I've started a Technic Series a few weeks ago! Sorta different form regular "Lets Play" videos as I have set one main goal in this particular saga (Which is opening the monolith chamber, part of Thaumcraft) Pretty much everything in Thaumcraft is new to me as I've never played with the mod before, but I do work with a lot of other things in Technic as well! I would really appreciate some views and feedback as I'd like to make this the best quality as possible I'd say they are mature videos due to some language (but aren't they all? lol) Here is a link to the first episode: Also a link to the Playlist! Enjoy!
  5. Hello all! I'm looking for a few more people to play Tekkit with! I have a small server with currently 5 players including myself. Some degree of tekkit knowledge is great, but anyone who wants to can join! It is a friendly server, we don't take kindly to greifers. It is a survival Tekkit server. Just reset the server with a fresh new world. Some Essentials are avalible. WHITELISTED SERVER: contact me via PM or Skype (caseJacob) and I will whitelist you and send you the ip! Also, most Overpowered items are disabled.
  6. Hey guys! I have a server up with normal Tekkit installed, only me a few friends play on it (im on most everyday) Currently working a Dark Matter Factory/ Facility, May record progress not sure yet. Just looking for a few more friend to play tekkit with basically Send me a PM or Skype me "caseJacob" for the ip
  7. Looking for anyone that wants to join my Tekkit Let's Play. Already doing it with a another friend but the more the merrier We're playing on a fresh map, recipe mode! Be at least 15 or older! if your younger but mature, we can talk. have decent English, i don't mind a British accent Have skype! Decent mic! I will record , but if you can as well that'd be awesome. we can switch between shots. Good sense of humor, awesome person reply back with your Skype or Twitter name and we can talk!