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  1. Platform url http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/wars-redemption Server IP: Warning Please be patient loading the mod pack even if it looks like its not responding there is 158 mods loading so it can take some time to load depending on your computer. Rules No Griefing. No Cheating. Be Respectful To Everyone. Do not ask for Admin or Mod Do not ask for free items. Description War's Redemption is an 'low level' PvP and PvE mod pack. We want to attract not just the normal PvP and not just the normal PvE but a collection of both. Pack contains over
  2. very bad owner they have had a few tekkit servers in the past and then after they push for donators with giving out op in return they shut the server after donations slow down .....avoid!
  3. me to CONSOLE:[iNFO] Entity: EntityXPOrb['Experience Orb'/93872, l='world', x=-94.63, y=70.00, z=18.50]
  4. hi there mate i think theres a problem with the gas tank http://pastebin.com/5FTTxApN its when he uses a wrench on it crashes the server seems fine with a pick axe tho
  5. Thanks mate its fixed no more arma duping great job i think its just the bees that are the main thing now ill try get some 1 to test them and see which ones they crash on
  6. ok thanks mate and ill make sure to thank him ill let you know either way
  7. well the dupe bug is still happening :(
  8. ok thanks got there in the end server is back on line ill let you know shortly how its going thanks
  9. hi just updated and started server http://pastebin.com/2EYXQ6Qa :(
  10. Ok thanks for that ill try searching for another ban plugin tho found nothing in the past as easy,straightforward and affective
  11. hi it always dupes from the moment you join the server and put your first piece of arma on nothing special about any steps or seem to be a reason why it just happens to every body on the server you dont have to touch /remove/wear or do anything just put the arma on and it starts duping after a couple of minutes on its own accord
  12. ok i thought that was what you meant well we done nothing its been happening from the start but by the time i had done plugins etc there was problems with the bees sorry i didnt report this sooner but there was no steps taken just wear your armer and it dupes and ive managed to get by this house somehow after countless crashes the forecefield turned off and since had no problem ive got some one els testing the forcefield but he hasnt managed to crash the server
  13. detailed repro stats? sorry not quite with you but had a strange crash and now crashed everytime this one player joins and loads his chunks he thinks its his forcefield doing it http://pastebin.com/ipv15bRu theres the last crash report from the server. im just gonna try and /removenear 1521 . Nope crashes the server everytime but im not getting any crash reports.
  14. i think its ok just people telling me they have clicked permgen when actualy they havent im sure that i started our server with 1.3.9 and updated each latest build to the current 1.3.12. ill 'buzz' about the server see what bees people are messing with. and the electric chests crash client just closes game as soon as you right click on it but so far things seem fine on my server (i forgot to say i took out dimensional doors and icbm explosives) there is also a glitch with armer duping in the galacticraft slots even overwrighting if something els is in that slot already
  15. ive herd its mainly rocky and water bees causing this crash ive told people to stop using these 2 for now and had no other crashes so far... theres quite a few reports from people crashing due to there power suits i havent experienced it myself but heres a report from some one on the server https://github.com/MachineMuse/MachineMusePowersuits/issues/315
  16. Im getting java updated and downloading 1.3.12 now Thanks for your help and hope this might be it
  17. Thanks mate i appreciate all the time and effort you put in to this hope something comes up soon.
  18. hi checked this out but the file wasnt in config/forestry/base.conf but found it in config/forestry/common.conf and its already set to true
  19. hello well still having problems with bees crashing the server here is the crash report (pastebin) http://pastebin.com/yZE76SQ2
  20. Hi i see that 1.3.11 is out in the launcher where can i get the server files from please? and will this fix the problems we been getting with bees?
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