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  1. I'm trying to connect to your server but it is saying that I cannot connect. Is the server up?
  2. Both me and my friend would like to join. Username: blackfox725, ironwolf352 Age: 16 (both) Country: United States (both)
  3. Launcher Version: 383 Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit Java Version: Version 7 Update 45 Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: I launch the mudpack I want and once it gets to the "Mojang" screen it says the Java Platform SE Binary has stopped working. Ive been looking for solutions for a good two weeks but no good. Error Messages: Java Platform SE binary has stopped working. Error Log:
  4. Hey comwizz, me and ironwolf cannot connect to the server anymore, we looked it up and it said something about a corrupt player file. It says you need to delete me and ironwolf's player files in order for us to connect, could you do that next time you are messing around with the server files. Thanks, blackfox
  5. IGN: blackfox725 Age: 15 Location: USA Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? I am more of a 'hunt and explore' person but stills wants some creativity every now and then. Other things you'd like to add I have never been banned from a server.