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  1. Great server so far! I have set up my company and I look forward to making it thrive!
  2. I have a problem, I was playing on the server yesterday and I had decided to make a base behind the jail area in spawn. I even made a residency! However today when I got on all that land was protected and my residency was gone along with all the other stuff I had stored underground. (Many valuables and ores!) Not sure if you can fix this but I just wanted to let you know because this is a great server and I have been looking for a server to stay on for a while now.
  3. Hello all, I am looking for a nice Tekkit server that fits my needs. Maybe you guys can help? A little bit about myself: Well my name is Nick and I live in the United States. I play Football and run Track, and in my free time I like to play video games! I have been playing regular Minecraft since Beta 1.3 however I have decided to give Tekkit a try after seeing one of my favorite YouTube group play it (Yogscast). I am fairly new to Tekkit but I would like to learn a bunch! What I am looking for: -I am looking for a server that is not too heavily populated and is fairly new. (So that I can find the best land to establish myself on) -I am looking for a server that will allow me to build a company of whatever on a plot of land that I so choose. I would then like to make myself a base of operations and then further develop my company. (Similar to the Yogscast). I hope you guys can help because I would really like to find a great server. Thanks.