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  1. Wow, quite impressive. I will try to do something like that.. Should take up my day tomorrow, ha.
  2. Hahahaha, it seems like a good form of protection though.
  3. Haha, that does actually sound interesting... Perhaps I shall make a small hut some time.
  4. Ok, fine, fine. Sorry for the remark. Either way, from my experience, I think you should try the break and replace method. Sometimes in servers, the stuff glitches and wont work. I had the exact same issue with a few geothermal generators.
  5. Alright, for getting lava or whatever out of tanks, set up a Wooden Waterproof Pipe so it directly touches the tank, then from there put cobble piping or whatever you want to use. Attach a redstone engine to the Wooden pipe, apply current, and it will start to pump it out. As for an automated system on the steam engines, this is where it gets a little more difficult. Get a chest, put a filter on it, put a timer next to it. Then, set up pneumatic tubes from the filter to the steam engines, and back to the other end of the chest. Set the filter to put out like 16 every 10 seconds. For more bonus points, use an energy condenser for the chest, and have a quarry feed into it creating charcole. You can use diamond pipes to separate diamonds and everything else you want to keep from going into the condenser. Good luck!!
  6. What you want to do, is fill the reactor chamber with nothing but Uranium Cells. That should fix the problem, if not, try breaking and replacing.
  7. Hmm, can you elaborate a little more? I already have everything automated, except crafting. But It would be cool to generate UU and have that go to a crafting table, then make whatever with it.
  8. Well... I'll be pretty general on this one... You can run a server without a graphics card. I have ran one from an old laptop before with 4gbs of ram. Also, What?
  9. I ran a server for two people a while ago, I had 4 gb of ram and it would run perfect. They blew up a lot of things and it never crashed. I mean, like 100x100x100 blocks of TNT and no crashes.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm here in search of something new to do in Tekkit. I have done pretty much everything, and I have practically all end game items that I wish to own. I am playing on a server. I have seen threads like this in the past, but none of them really went with what kind of things I like. I'm asking for a sort of contraption or really anything that will take up some time, and be awesome. I have practically unlimited power from a few auto fed geothermal generators, and some HV solar arrays, so power is no concern. Any ideas anybody??
  11. Tekkit also deletes System32...
  12. Well, it would also depend on what you use as fuel. Using sand can be a lot cheaper as far as materials go, and so can wool.
  13. A Nano Suit, while very protective, it does not help in drowning. If it is a single layer of water, just use buckets, or place wool in the water area and burn it.
  14. It will not affect Minecraft at all. Tekkit/Technic uses a separate file in %appdata% to save everything. It is .techniclauncher, and the Minecraft one is .minecraft.
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