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  1. Hey after the recent restart of the server there has been entity drops issues. Like when I die and when I go back, I can't take back the items I dropped. Can fix? :D
  2. or if it's complicated, check this live server map out: http://clockwork-gaming.com/tekkit/
  3. you know... you should make a website for us to see the whole server map or a live map for the server, so you can see how many players are there without going online to check.
  4. Minecraft name: Qimieleon Age: 13 Experience: Over a month, knowing about everything. Why you want to join: Those past whitelisted servers i've been to keep refreshing their maps, making me mining diamonds everytime when i need it. I hope I can join this server with low lag and a non-refreshing map server with low worries. :D
  5. Tekkit is my favourite mod, bitches!

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