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  1. Are you using the Technic Launcher or did you apply the mod yourself? If the latter, try using the Technic Launcher: http://www.technicpack.net/ Be sure to change the options to use the DEV build.
  2. Factions offer exactly what I wanted. I'm not anti-pvp and raiding, I just want some control over it. With factions I can build a faction base to keep my items from being stolen. When I wrote that post I didn't know what purpose factions served.
  3. I'm been playing on the server for a few days and am enjoying myself. I thought I would share what would make the server more enjoyable for myself: More than anything, I want a home. A small lot of land where I can build a unique building where I can store items without fear of grief and thievery. I think if there was an area for people to do this, it would help develop the server, with interesting places for people to explore. We could develop towns of races, classes, or factions. Multiple arenas for different levels. I love the PVP arena, but when battling it out with people around my level, some higher levels with come in and wipe us out. Perhaps if you could only attack those up to 10 levels under you. Maybe there is a reason that I'm not aware of, but needing pickaxes of a material to mine that material is the worst. Dungeon/Tower resets, Every tower around spawn has been raided. I'm currently 10000 blocks away from spawn, and nearly every tower has been raided. Dungeons, being harder to find, are less commonly raided, but it is still difficult to find one with treasure. For low level players, there is no treasure to be found, and that is a large part of why we play. I'd like to end with a question. What are factions? What are their purpose, are there any benefits of being in one?
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