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  1. IGN: idan10000 Age: 12 Timezone(in GMT+x): +9:00 Why do you wan't to play on our server: nothing is banned and its white listed so there wont be any griffers Have you ever been banned: never
  2. Minecraft Name: idan10000 Do you have any bans on record? no I wanna join this server because i wanna play tekkit without any items banned and i wont get griffed or stealled. i will play as much as i can but i still have school so it will be around 1-3 hours a day
  3. IGN: idan10000 Age: 11 Reason for joining: i was looking for a tekkit server that people will be nice and wont steal or grief me and i found this server. Have you read the rules: yes ive read the rules Tekkit experience: 1 year i know lots of ic2, EE, some redpower and now learning computer craft.
  4. In Game Username: my username is: idan10000 Age: 11 Country: Japan, Israel. i'm right now living in japan but i'm from Israel. Why would you join our community?: i want to have fun playing tekkit and work with other people to make cool factories. If you want to join, explain how you will help us, if help is needed?: i will give stuff away and build cool factories that i will pay the workers if they want. Do you agree on all of the rules?: yes i agree all of your rules. To prove that you read all of the rules, how many rules are there?: there are 5 rules. Will you be kind to
  5. IGN: idan10000 Reason Behind wanting to join? i want to play a good tekkit server and work with other people to make factories etc... Will you follow rules as stated above? yes.
  6. IGN: idan10000 Age: 12 I have never been kicked or banned from a server. I like playing tekkit because it adds lots of stuff to minecraft and its fun to work with other people I like to make factories and i will give stuff to people that need them if i can
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