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  1. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news everyone. This server is being shut down for now, we will be back, but not for a while Cheers for the fun times all.
  2. The forums are a part of the hosting companies systems. It is a joint forums of The Tekkit Server and the FTB server the host runs. Currently there are some issues with the forums, something the host has done is stopping people from posting and signing up.
  3. Optimal, please spend more time on the server, the last time you joined was 16th September...
  4. Hacker has been dealt with, he gave up once I double checked our login systems and fixed the issue that was allowing him in.
  5. Server was down for a short time. Had some major griefing occur, had to reset the map sadly...
  6. After over a week of downtime, the server is back up, sorry for the reset. We tried all we could to avoid a reset. Thank you for your patience
  7. Got some map errors. Server will be down for tonight. Have to download the map file by file and fix it myself (No .zip file, so it takes it a long time to download)
  8. I seriously have no idea. The host needs to fix the problem and hes not responding to his skype. The server does seem to be put up every day usually. It just doesn't stay up all day, usually.
  9. Please post in a readable format, You are missing your age as well.
  10. Yeah, as the quote says. There's some issues that the host doesn't seem to want to fix.
  11. Sorry for the downtime everyone. We are having some issues with the Server host and it's console panel.
  12. Yes Teal, of course you will be. Unless you are in game when you get it. In that case I will just move you to the AGT group and let you figure it out yourself Also, the server will be up in like 1-2 hours. All that is needed to do is claim some land where staff have been building
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