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  1. Last time gig did not have your stuff i done an inventory sniff and nothing you said was missing was there,
  2. Hello All After being whitelisted for a few month we have decided to open up to the public we are a friendly community with helpfull staff who are always happy to help There is a plot world in our server which is hostile free so users are free to create there structures in peace but if you like living on the edge feel free to live in the wild =). we have only a small list of banned items compared to most so you can enjoy your tekkit more Server ip: Slots: 50 Uptime: 24/7 Location: United Kingdom Ram: 16gb Plugins: Tree assist Chest Shop BOSEeconomy Creeper Control LWC Mob catcher Tekkit Restrict Player Trade Simple Help Tickets Simple Warnings AutoSaves AutoBackups Rules: No Griefeing No Stealing No Spamming Chat No Cheating No Advertising No Leaveing Floating tree Tops Be Respectfull to ALL players and most importantly Have Fun Banned Items: DM Frurnace RM Furnace Nova Catalyst Tnt Nuke Industrial Tnt World Anchor Dimensional Anchor Forcefield Core Destruction Catalyst Evertide Amulet Volcanite Amulet Black Hole Band Ring Of Ignition Zero Ring Ring Of Arcana Void Ring Watch Of Flowing Time Catalytic Lens RM Hammer DM Hammer Red Morning Star Murcurial Eye Server Images: Plot Town Spawn Wild Spawn Area Nether Spawn
  3. Hey cod its casualplayer why didi ig et banned it says i greifed wat did i greif

    I DIDINT GREIF ! can i please be unbanned

  4. Hoogie check your conversations please.

  5. Hey dude it's me ghaster. Can you please unban me i'll be nicer i will not annoy people please!. Your server was the best = (

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