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  1. IGN: atomic_stone Age: 17 Project you plan to build: I want to build a huge Factory to live in where I can spend my days slowly advancing through Tekkit. I think my ultimate goal is to have a big production area of some kind. I also want to have a great time with friends and enjoy myself. Minecraft experience: I have played Minecraft since the Alpha sale. I have always loved it and had a great time with others on awesome servers like this one. Now my old server has crashed and I need a new home where I can spend my downtime doing whatever I want (as long as it’s within the rules, of course ). Tekkit experience: I have played Tekkit for about 1 1/2 years. This was when Tekkit first came out as .zip file that you merged with your minecraft.jar. Why you want to join the server: Because it looks like an awesome place when I can spend my time and find my own little place out in the wilderness where I can make a house and start a new adventure.
  2. InGameName: Atomic_Stone About me: (brief intro to you): Hi, my name is Chris and i'm a mature (for my age )16 year old. I currently have all honors/AP classes at my High school and need a way to relaxwehen i'm not working.I have found tekkit is a great way to unwind after a long day. ! Location: (timezone works): I reside in Chicago, Il Central time. Why Tekkitia?:Recently, my old server completely reset and I lost everything. I was frustrated and decided I wanted a better server that was more friendly and not like a company. So, I found Tekkita and I hope I will be able to join soon Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed?: Yes I greifed once and I still feel terrible for it. I WILL NOT grief ever because it sucks to lose everything to a griefer.
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