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  1. IGN: cookieb123 Name: Louis Age:16- but 17 tomorrow Why I would like to join: I have played many a server on other modpacks such as FTB but never Attack Of the B Team, this server would give me the chance to explore this modpack with other people and as well make some few friends Skype:Louis.cook4 How does a city sound to you? Never really been in a server with this idea but I have always thought of it being a good idea as it makes the community stronger What mod(s) do you have the most experience with/would prefer to be using?: Buildcraft, Tinkers Construct,, however I have seen new
  2. Real Name: Louis Skype:Louis.Cook4 IGN:cookieb123 Timezone;GMT Age: 17 on Thursday! Im actually excited to play this modpack on a server!! seen a few Youtubers modded minecraft and I thought id give it a shot!
  3. Can i put my world onto technic even though im been using it on technic?
  4. ooh sowie this on my single player, maybe im on the wrong post here... :/
  5. I have a cobblestone generator using block breakers, i have correctly setup it up-i think, but for some reason its not working! i cannot show u a screenshot as this website said it could not process my Thread :/ so im wondering does it work anymore?
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