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  1. @fullhouseoffaces Ill ask Stockwell to see if you can help us out we've been really busy so ant haelp is worth it and a outside opinion is good who know maybe youll be permantly on the team..(of 2 lol) @no2ironman1100 were working in something like that if have builds in mind send us a link with the map of the build and we will try to incorporate it.
  2. It's about eos ( you ) who must travel to different worlds and travel through each one until you get home because your people need you help home an the the methods of travel are through magicall books( link books and descriptive books) and portals. THIS IS A BASIC IDEA THE PLOT MIGHT CHANGE THE MAP MAY CHANGE AND THIS IS BARELY DONE. Becuause of so many mods involved In technic you are welcome to suggest ideas ( just pm me)
  3. we have been working on it (btw not supposed to move the lever but since it wasnt wired to the door nothing happened so you had to move it) the pressure pad im pretty sure will spawn monsters outside stockwell can correct me if im wrong. we got a basic storyline and we will be working from there.
  4. i would like to test it out. ive been wanting to make a adventure map with these awesome mods!! ill suggest a name after i play the map.
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