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  1. Closing this server due to inactivity. I urge you to join one of our other servers as we prepare for more viable and popular 1.6 modded options. You can choose between Vanilla OniCraft. Modded OniUltima. Or Base TerraFirmaCraft(Donor Only). We may or may not reopen the Tekkit Server. More likey we will open a Hexxit Server. We will be updating our FTB server soon. Until then thanks for playing with Oni Clan Gaming.
  2. I found Antidust and promoted the user to member, but zhongpao is not in our database and needs to log in at least one time before I can promote him/her. Let me know when they have.
  3. No userfile found. Gotta log in first before we can promote you. Let me know when you have.
  4. I just wanted to say everything seems to be working well on my end. Turned off the 1.0.6 server. Erased configs, mods & coremods, added the 1.5.1 versions, updated to the latest recommend build for MCPC+, updated all the plugins with Minecraft 1.5.2 compatible versions, started it without fail. People coming and going as they please, no broken worlds. Thanks for the update CanVox.
  5. Everyone who has posted so far has been promoted to member unless you have not logged into the server yet. We need you to log in at least once to create a userfile on the server. Once you have done that we can promote you. Just let us know when you have.
  6. Added, Welcome. Added, Welcome. I'm from NM too! You don't. Player not found. Sorry.
  7. You most likely tried to join during a server restart. We have them frequently throughout the day to improve stability. Try again when you get a chance.
  8. Player not found. Please log in once then let us know when you have.
  9. You need to create a userfile by logging in at least one time before I can promote you. Leave a message letting us know that you have after you have logged in.
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