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  1. so, i logged onto my tekkit server for a little while, and when i logged in, Honeydew from yogscast was on my server: pics:
  2. hey logo i could send you a headset for free

  3. well, considering to craft the liquid pipes you need normal pipes, then they'd need that allowd as well
  4. if you can host the server, then sure
  5. well, id suggest keeping the buildcraft pump, and buildcraft pipes on, as thats the easiest way to get water and lava and oil and such
  6. at&t's 24mb/s plan isnt avalible in my area yet, lol, otherwise id be using that and WTF, 250gb CAP??? thats WRONG, when someone buys internet, they probably are going to use way more then 250gb, lol
  7. everything he said is right, except the dsl part, as verizon is the worst provider in the world, and at&t dls ROCKS, i get 1tbps XD, ok jk, i really get 6 mbps but its fine for server's as mine runs fine with 0 lag for others even people that are in canada
  8. nvm, turns out my registry was messed up, had to delete all java registry and re-install java, and boom, works again, but thx anyway, can an op or admin close this thread?
  9. heres a vid if you want to see what's happening exactly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm30LFQPpxE&feature=youtu.be btw, its still proccessing/uploading, so may take a few mins, ill edit this post once its done
  10. no, and if you need, i can make a quick vid showing my problem
  11. it is a .jar, and i did check by right clicking and going to properties and windows did say its a .jar file
  12. yes, get the tekkit restrict plugin for bukkit and then go to the config and choose the items you want disabled