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  1. Time dilation hurts my head. I remember reading a bit of fiction back when I was a kid. There was this alien race who had the tech to move at a significant percent of c but never did so in an emergency because they'd never get there in time if they did. I always thought that was so trippy.
  2. Been tinkering around with T4 and I'm getting to the point where I'll need a larger space to put all of the stuff. I'm trying to figure out what kind of footprint your typical T4 workshop has. I have plenty of space to build I just don't want to underestimate and have to make serious changes to my layout after the fact. Any experienced thaumaturges available?
  3. Just wanted to point something out. If memory serves, running cells in series is somewhat inefficient as you loose power with each hop through the conduits. That may have changed at some point though.
  4. I'm pretty sure the nether thing is intentional. I was under the impression that it had been this way for a while now.
  5. I saw a slot that looked like the earth band from legend craft and just assumed that was what that tab was from.
  6. I thought both the slots and the health upgrade were from legendcraft.
  7. I haven't played in a bit. Can we not use ingots in the part builder now?
  8. Yeah. It's way too easy to just grab an empty ship and make off with it. I've done that a couple of times when in need.
  9. Just found out about this game a few days ago. It's awesome. I can't wait to see how it develops. Anyone found any decent servers yet?
  10. I was kind of hoping she'd find someone to play with. Guess I'm just weird.
  11. Enchanting table only seems to repair enchanted items. At least that's all I've managed to get it to repair.
  12. I think the essence vessel is a rare drop from some sort of grimreaper like miniboss. Not sure how or where it spawns though.
  13. Steam engines are now 4MJ/t? That sounds a bit too strong for something that just needs a little bit of coal and water.
  14. I thought the limit for teserracts was 100MJ/t per side.
  15. I don't know about you but having fire resistance for nothing but sugarcane, water, and some wood was pretty nice.
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