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  1. I'm also on Beastnode, email their support and they install 1.1.8 for you.
  2. I always use the OreQuarry turtle program, it goes straight to layer 6 and starts up so its first return normally has diamonds in it. I run them on 64 size so very slow but you could run a 10x10 to quickly find some diamonds. its pastebin code is 3mkeUzby must save as OreQuarry. Then just run OreQuarry "current level" "size" eg: OreQuarry 64 10.
  3. In game name = harvey2805 Age = 29 Location = UK Are you currently banned from any servers? = No Minecraft experience to date = Been playing since Minecraft was released with a few breaks in between. Been playing Tekkit since 1.0.6 was released. Played about with IC2 and other before that. I'm not an expert by any means but I won't be spamming questions either. I know where the wiki is. A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server = I'm a avid gamer, always have been and always will be. I'm married, have a dog called Lexi and play in the evenings, weekends and any other spare time I get. I also have my own server running Tekkit 1.1.8 but I'm getting kinda lonely on my own (my m8 only plays once in a while and doesn't talk much while he's on either). Thanks and I hope you consider me to be whitelisted. :-)
  4. Hey lostonexxx, I'm watching your LP series atm. Keep up the good work.
  5. Make sure the breeder is facing the right way. I know it sounds dumb but the amount of times I forget to check I've lost count of. Also make sure its on the same "level" as the chickens. I'm not sure how far the breeder works on the up/down axis.
  6. I also found this out, what I found easier was after the babies are chronotyped, I put them on a underground conveyor belt system towards the "killing pen" this stops a lot of deaths as cows are programmed to try get to their parents as babies which causes the ones at the front to suffocate in walls etc. by conveyoring them away you stop that. I've also made my conveyor belt quite long so they are not in the killing pen long before they become adults and die. This also then enables one killing pen to be fed from a few breeder/chronotypers.
  7. Easy. Requires: 1 Breeder, 1 Chronotyper, 1 Grinder Set your breeder up as usual fed by a planter (wheat). Use the chronotyper to take BABIES, set the grinder up on the next pen (it only grinds adults). You can control how much you get by how many adults you can fit/want in the breeding pen. I had so much essence I had to turn the machine off. You can even have the grinding pen fed by 3 different breeding pens. As soon as they become adults, poof and the animal is gone. Additionally, you don't need to be in the area for it to work like a spawner. Its 100% scalable. I had it set on 5x5 pens but you could do it en-masse if you wanted more sooner. I would also put it far away from where you work (with a chuck loader/dimensional anchor) as the noise is a pain.
  8. I saw the daylight sensor thing on Youtube but since reading and being at home (may be a clearer head) I'm going to hook up a command block to a ComputerCraft computer, simples. Thanks
  9. I am trying to set up the server to be constantly day time. I currently type in /time set day every so often to keep it day time. I'm currently hosted on a Multicraft based server and wondering if anyone could help me achieve this via a server command that silently ran every 3/5 minutes. I did ask their support team but I think there may be a language barrier or something as I got a weird response form them. I have a command window where I can tell the server to print the (wrong) server time as often as I like but when I try to put parameters into the command it doesn't take it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. is the while loop the best way to loop the program? I'm not very clued up on programming LUA so wasn't sure on the best option for it. Any help there would be appreciated, maybe I should ask that over on the CC forums. :-)
  11. I didn't want it to do that as an AE system constantly draws power form the system, and I would have thought that magmatics constantly starting and stopping would cause more lag.
  12. plowmanplow, it may be just me but the wiring texture appears to be wrong? It looks like a netherbrick texture rather than the previous wiring one.
  13. Just a FYI regarding my problems with managing power. I never got the gate version to work and just resigned to it constantly pumping and using lava. The gates just never managed to turn the system off, even after identically matching the one you posted. However I recently upgraded my server to 1.1.8 and decided to look at the problem again and actually found a fairly cheap, simple system to manage my power system. I want to share it here in case anyone has had the same issues as myself, additionally, I know there are some awesome coders about here and thought any feedback would be awesome. The image gallery is here: http://imgur.com/a/wt8Lj#0 The way it works is a computer using open peripheral checks the power level of the REC every 10 seconds and if it is under 100k, turns the system on, if the system is above 500k it turns the system off. Simple. The code for it is: local rEC = peripheral.wrap("bottom") while true do sleep(10) local mjStored = rEC.getEnergyStored() mj = tonumber(mjStored) if mj<100000 then rs.setOutput("back",true) -- Power On elseif mj>550000 then rs.setOutput("back",false) -- Power Off end end