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  1. You are correct on some things, but I see some errors, the eastern part was attacked by the Huns multiple times as well as other middle eastern empires (sassanids, arabic tribes, persia, etc.). They endured long enough for the Hunnic Empire to end. The Western Empire succumbed to multiple barbarian invasion and internal problems, such as a weakened economy, the rise of serfdom, (yes you were correct on the legates seizing power but also) the emperors competed with their other eastern counterparts over numerous things, the rise of christianity led to social and religion conflicts with the pagan
  2. HawkElite117 I do all kinds of stuff. Mining and building mostly I guess. Essay: Gaius Julius Caesar began the Roman Empire even though he is not portrayed as the first Roman emperor. He conquered all of Gaul with military cunning, uniting it under Roman control and even invading Britain for the first time. He refused the Senate's orders to lay down his arms and return to Rome by crossing the Rubicon, enacting civil war. He had one legion, Pompey had ten. He eventually routed Pompey to Greece, soon defeating him at Pharsalus. He then was appointed sole dictator by Rome and marched upon Egypt
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