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  1. Pain in the ass bit about tropicraft, Beds don't work because it's technically an alt dimension
  2. So on a raid/pvp/ You know the drill server Where i got raided *Duh* But i'm curious about the means that brought about these ends... While in his fit of bragging about how amazing he was at ruining other peoples' fun, When asked about his method i was told "The method isn't a secret. It's known by many with a decent knowledge of the mod pack. Also, Their raid least could be a lie? but i promise it isn't." So I'm wondering what this method is, "Read the patch notes for all the mods lolnub". I'd like to avoid this same thing happening when i construct my new building, Concidering there's evidently an unpatched exploit that can negate the trouble of finding anyone's base on a voltz server
  3. Hope i'm not Necroing or whathave you (This thread is on page one, So i imagined it'd be alright). If I understand this thread's premise correctly, My "Persona" Here is Las Lindas's (s'?, Dang apostrophes!) Era, Whom is a "Resident spirit", versatile, personal servants that harmonize with their owner to better understand their needs. I'm not a hundred percent sure that i'm correct in posting what i'm posting where i'm posting, I have a big long text chunk of explanation that i won't post without a go-ahead from somebody else
  4. I did that. And i regret the hell out of it. There's no way to undo it either (And it wants personal information, So smeg that)
  5. My favorite would probably be A-Team Attack of the B-Team or Tekkit and i really dig the MoonQuest custom pack (The only issue is it doesn't work properly), It's a little hard because I used to play FTB and not Technic pack, On that platform i played ultimate, And unleashed but it went downhill after RedPower stopped Least? Well i don't really fancy Hexxit or BigDig. Hexxit is EXTREMELY exploitable (Oh hi giant towers full of free stuff that you can pretty much scale the side of and nick the loot without fighting anything) And oh god HackMine. i can't get into that no matter how hard i try, Individually i hate gregtech (I love the content it introduces, But i hate the unnecessary difficulty buffs, The game is long tedious and unforgiving if you're alone already) I like IC2 because i "Grew up on it" and it's the machine system i'm mostly familiar with (Causing trouble when a lot of mods chose MJ or their own funky power system, it's like the AC DC format war) Treecapacitor is just <3 Morph is fun, But it seems a little overpowered (Kill one bat and it's infinite creative flight, Chicken and you've got a parachute for life, Squid? I think you mean scuba diving suit!) And Galacticraft, It's cool and all, But the problem is it's extremely hard to go to space, And very little to do once you get your bum up there
  6. As far as i know there isn't a way to default the controls easily. I buggered them up once and was only able to reset when i reinstalled my modpack. The only thing i can think of is reseting one's "settings" Configuration text file in .technicmodpacksTekkitlite or whatever folder yours is in. Don't quote me on that as it's just what i would do. and if it's something i would do, There's probably a half dozen things you could do better
  7. I saw nothing of this nature, If it is misplaced, against any regulations i managed to miss or so on. Inform me So i wandered around my fresh new B-Team world for AGES trying to find a simple nice place to live without sucess, So go ahead and share seeds for B-Team here! Preferably: (Not at all mandatory, Just things that i personally like) -BOP enabled -Coastal -Screenshots -Near a village
  8. Actually! i think it's the weather mod that TropiCraft has a dependancy on for some reason
  9. I havent gotten an opertunity to play, But i assume there's some kind of atmospheric sounds mod. I'll edit this if looking into it turns anything up Edit: Started playing Bteam, Can't find anything and the sound annoys the shit out of me as well
  10. A: Which modpack? B: What about not having an update is stopping you from entertaining yourself, You still have the present modpack version and many others C: Did you really need to create an account specifically to make one low effort post?
  11. I'm using the "Yogscast inspired moonquest pack" And it seems after some checks that it's tinker's construct (When i went to NEI and told it to show me all the TC stuff it did the bug) What it does is flip out visually if i look at the NEI page with the items (It's invisible, whatever it is) And in the console it says GL ERROR @ POST RENDER 1283: STACK OVERFLOW. So i'm wondering how to fix it, And sorry if this is misplaced, I looked and there's nowhere clearly labeled enough that i could find it :c EDIT: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/moonquest-yogscast-inspired.190904 Here's the modpack's link
  12. The only thing i can imagine is the chunk was corrupted
  13. Thats not preventive, and every strike inflicts nausea + it takes time to drink + occupies space that can be used for treasure
  14. I'd be all for it if there were a relatively easy to acquire item that stops nausea, Either that or if pirates didn't give you nausea for no reason
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