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  1. I am no expert but I highly doubt that you could use the train and zeppelin mod with tekkit. Reason I say this is that I am pretty sure it would conlifct with with railcraft. and while you don't have "train" cars you can link carts together to travel about together. I did so, I have a powered cart, linked to a normal, and a storage cart. and the 3 go around on a loop.
  2. thank you guys for responding so fast. I got it working the way I wanted it to. Thanks for the help. and to GreenWolf13 I am playing tekkit in singleplayer. Like I said before never looked into the differences between the two. Why do you ask?
  3. So I have been playing ssp with the tekkit modpack up until now I never really bothered to look on the forums or mess with the other packs. well I finally got around to making myself a tunnel bore and have come cross alittle problem. any ore that is not a basic ore EX. rubies, nickolite etc. causes the bore to stop dead. I know there is a way to add the ids of these items to the bores permited to drill list. but to do so I must change the config files which I have no clue how to find. In simple how do I access config files. for ssp