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  1. Thanks Ash. It's players like you that make server hosting worth it. Sure, you present alot of problems, but it's fine because every time I fix a problem, I get a little better at it. I can only hope more players like you come to the server, people who are willing to contribute to something they enjoy. To some people, the following statement is an alien statement. But all is well. Have fun Ash.
  2. More skulls for the Skull throne. Fixed the spawn, and the marketplace plots are back up.
  3. I do hope a mod comes to delete the following posts as well. Problem is we have people who come to these forums rage filled and childish. They come posting in this thread to get some sort of "Last word". Mud slinging? You haven't seen anything yet. As confusing as the situation was, there was only one Moronic Filth, and he was banned. The children got mad and followed after him. Now you say you weren't involved, I'll lift the ban on you. And apologize for all the trouble you were mixed in. Something that Lingie probably hadn't told you was he actually went around griefing the server an
  4. You guys made a mistake posting in this thread with all that low grade pieces of trash you all call posts. Withdrawing from my server? You were gone the minute you didn't enforce my rules. When you group talked to me on Skype. I told you hands down, and in a very clear voice I might add. SERVER PRIORITY COMES FIRST. This means you drop what you are doing, and help the people who need help. You drop what you are doing, and you fix any problem that show up. And you pair did agree. I remember it clearly. Today, you guys let me down big time. It was a sloppy situation, and words got confu
  5. Total absolute disappointments. Childish and rage filled. Much like the typical user.
  6. Hmm. I could enable the factions again. But then the kiddies will start whining about how they can't pvp people that aren't in factions. - Sigh
  7. I've noticed that it's taken you guys a bit of time to claim plot. The new for towny are easy at first, but you really need money to go all out like before. Very challenging.
  8. How goes the progress on that? I was wanting to implement something like this server wide.
  9. Oh really? If you wish to go ahead and write the program down, I'd import it, only if you needed however. I'd totally support such innovated ideas. Perhaps we can even implement it into an actual server feature. You must keep me updated on this project. :L
  10. Ohhh that would be awesome. Like make computers that have a somewhat small GUI that you can program. Then you have it so that they input a command and it scrolls like a slot machine. Then if they win, it'll dispense some IC ontop of them? Only problem would be finding a way to program a way for them to input their money. Hmmmm.
  11. Perhaps we can do some cool things with Rednet? Maybe getting a main super computer to handle all the text programs we wrote. Eitherway pretty exciting project all around.
  12. Well, we were going to switch over to spout. But I decided that it was probably best to stick to Tekkit. We've had to change things up, but I am fully confident that we are very unique from the other tekkit servers. Totally different, and how our world works. We've made changes to alot of things. Power Generation for example. Before, you could make like 10 Solar arrays and have totally free power generation. Well we nurfed that. Everything else is when it comes to power generators. Nuclear Reactors have been buffed, but uranium is much more hard to find. <- Inspired by watching a documentar
  13. Will be having votifier up soon. As the person that will be working it has alot of stuff to do. Pretty much, you'll be able to vote for some money, which everyone desperately needs.
  14. Just a bit of incentive for people to kill mobs. It's also very nice to repair tools and armor, especially as hard as it is to survive in the server.
  15. Fixed the server title for the new formatting..? As pointless as that seems, I'm glad they're going to be cleaning out the forum threads. People who are too lazy to read the rules shouldn't be able to post here.
  16. Got plenty of available slots. Should be much more stable this time around. We just need to some testing to find out.
  17. Fixed the Towny bug. Inventories will no longer allow you to dupe. Fixed Nicknames in channel as well. Still need people to stress test the server.
  18. Fixed the mob bounties. Also, tweaked the drops so it's a bit more harder to get anything good. Also added convelance dust as a drop.
  19. The server is back up. I'm going to have to revamp this post a bit. Too. Come check it out.
  20. Server is going to be going through some major changes. It'll be offline for a while. Information updates always posted at www.twitter.com/broventuretime
  21. This assessment isn't in fact a assessment at all. It's an attack of my server because of said user being angry about losing his protection. This player on more then one occasion, lash out of me because of the recent plugin corruption that my server had. As you can see this player refers to himself as a team, but was actually surprised to find out it was only him, and another player. So please, don't be fooled by his half witted attempt at making him self seem official. I confess, we have alot of bugs. But I'm sure, these are bugs shared throughout the community as a whole, not just my
  22. No you aren't. Due to the fact that you've been harassing me on the issue all of this time. Usually means that you're too impatient to be one of my staff members. That's how I am. Constantly looking and testing to see who is worthy of what. Mostly though, I observe. Back to the topic. In a few hours, I will be implementing DeathPrice. Pretty much means that when you die, your money is lost. This will make things more challenging. Heh.
  23. Offlinemode enabled again. Also, fixed the lagging issue. Seems that Towny loves corrupting my data.
  24. Oh man, I don't know the first thing about Modding. I was hoping there was a combination of plugins that I could use to achieve the effect I want. In this case, Removing all the crafting recipes for UU Matter. Don't get me wrong, I've been all over the internet looking for any solutions on how to do this. Hell, I've even sent messages to the Mod Devs for a bit of support on this matter. But Since I'm a complete noob when it comes to Java, I'm just going to have to wait to see if someone can share a method with me. In the meantime, I will be looking at this java. Thanks for the reply, I feel
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