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  1. it may be some of your plugins, some are spitting out errors (a few are okay here and there, but a lot are erroring. especially ones like: 2012-10-16 21:56:28 [WARNING] [tekkitrestrict] tr[sqlite] Error at SQL Query: query does not return ResultSet 2012-10-16 21:56:28 [WARNING] [tekkitrestrict] tr[sqlite] Error at SQL Query: query does not return ResultSet something's also messing with the turtle... 2012-10-16 21:56:44 [sEVERE] Invalid turtle FakePlayer mode: [Turtle]! Using NULL mode! i would remove all your plugins then check which one causes the errors by adding them back 1 at a
  2. but of course, uu-mater is impossible to balance correctly, much as emeralds in 1.3. It may look like mostly IC2 stuff, because that's where i started. it also has pieces from all the mods i believe. also: IC2 has the most annoying stuff to make, and that's why there's many more things from it with an EMC value
  3. looking over your error log (thanks for that BTW, almost nobody does that anymore...) did you install the classes over EE, or did you completely replace the zip file? this is only a patch and needs the rest of EE to function. I ask because your server says it doesn't know how to do a search. also: if your server running bukkit forge 1.2.5? it's acting as if it doesn't know what a human is either, although that may just be an extention of the problem. As for the blocks disappearing: That's called lag. you never said what kind of ram you have on there. Also: 3.1.2 is the most recent version. if
  4. It simply has to do with regions that you own/don't own. If you own the region, you can charge your weapons as normal. if you step into a region that you are not EXPLICITLY owning, it discharges. for me: i simply used factions. In my faction's land i could use the tools as normal, but once i stepped into wilderness or safezone, all items discharged and i couldn't get them to charge back up. (was really annoying at first because i didnt know what was happening) i would think the same thing would happen with WG regions or something. all of my configs were completely stock
  5. Just an update about the items discharging: it had nothing to do with this, it was tekkitrestrict (i havn't gotten to tweaking everything) defaultly removing item charge. again: thanks for the nice patch. would be nice if you could track block placers, but I'll just log that using other plugins for now.
  6. hurf durf creative hurf durf JK, but seriously, I don't care. people always have their own opinion, and they're welcome to it, but I will play in my (rather unorthodox, i must admit) way.
  7. That's your opinion and you're welcome to have it. I quite like the machines as well, and in some cases there are no replacements. Also: making machines that merge seamlessly between mods is what i like to do. There is a massive modding API for some of the mods, the problem is: conflicts between server and client make it hard to make everything work properly. yes, simply use the customEMC mod, and define a new EMC. customEMC is loaded last,so it overwrites all other values. unfortunately: setting it to 0 does not remove its EMC. Also: clients will still see the orig. EMC, but machi
  8. endless bucket of water: easy, creative mode already does it. I was planning on placing a use ban on them, but allow them to be crafted in order to use their passive effects (immunity to lava, as a substitute for a lava bucket in crafting, etc...) if the little bugs cannot be fixed hmmm, the plugin that i use to track players (activity logger) records even if the person right clicks on air, and couldn't you make it so if the orb doesn't collide with a block, it won't make lava? If you find this annoying, please tell me, i just want to be able to bounce ideas off of people to g
  9. Sure, don't get me wrong, it's not that i hate creative mode, it's great for sketching ideas out, and building massive facilities, but i like seeing my house go from a hole in the ground to a castle, and knowing i made everything there by hand. It's just that much more impressive to build those creations in survival, rather than creative. Unfortunately, tekkit is a rather small community, so servers are fewer, and thus, the deviants (like creative) are VERY rare. then good luck finding the ones that are well-organized. Unfortunately, i choose not to indulge in this, and so probably won't be
  10. I'm looking at the blockplaceevent API right now, and wouldn't it be possible to: lie to bukkit, say they had a lava block in their hand, and use the orb's hit detection to determine the block it was placed against? I'm certainly no expert at bukkit's API, but it seems to be asking the plugin all these things, instead of filling them in for you. please correct me if this is incorrect though, I really want to learn how bukkit handles its events (ive been modding vanilla MC, but i really want to move onto bukkit plugins) and if it would be possible to fix these tools to not be such excellent gr
  11. pretty much. there's no way to get away from mining (actually, many ways, but also mining with nothing but a pick [that can destroy the world...] is still exhilarating, still having to fight for your resources.) And you learn the recipe for the item, then: have fun making it en masse. project tables are good, yes. but having a wall dedicated to common recipes got annoying (and i lost so many resources to not finding the table they're in) part 1: true, but i refer to my previous statement. it's a core gameplay element. true, i could never leave my house again, and have fun that way, b
  12. the 3 hr time was for making it normally. and: the point is: the crafting table MKIII was removed, and i didn't want to deal with those tedious recipes, so i made them have EMC values, so instead of transmuting all the little parts i could just transmute everything all together at once. also: creative is TOO easy, there's no buildup, no "i did this" feeling, no "i collected the stuff to make this one thing that cost me thousands of diamonds" revealation, just "i want this item" boom, okay, what now. i find that creative ruins the feeling of starting in poverty with one solar panel, then buildi
  13. then why, when using the same decompiler on the original and the patch class files, were they differently stylized? may have just been the decompiler or compiler you used i suppose. Thanks for the patch anyways, it's very helpful. and is the thing where tools discharge when you leave your claim intentional, a side effect, or probably a plugin conflict on my end? and while i have you: did you choose to not patch the amulets and the lens because tracking the orb creator would have been a major pain?
  14. wow, I'm sorry, thanks for catching this, i guess i just messed up with a value somewhere. your value is more correct, thank you for pointing out this flaw, tell me if you find more. (fine copper/iron wire values were WAY too high, i thought the drawplate was consumed, so everything that used those were WAY too high. potions also were calculated as if you only brewed one at a time. thanks for your help, i never would have noticed that XD now i get to go back and fix everything that used those as well 0.0| thanks again! LATAH: wow, i really wish i could use the mod add-emc style where you add
  15. I was digging around the code because i really wanted to fix the last few items up, and wanted to check how you did it, and I must say, Some of these tools took a bit of modification to work, so thanks for that (why on earth would you make a tool that registers itself as the world instead of the item's owner?!). but also, a bit of a complaint: Why did you change the style of the files? the originals took up a lot more lines, yes. but it made for clearer organization, and made sure certain functions were for sure inside others. Also: when tearing through the files, determining exactly what you
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