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  1. Title: Dispensers ---- Weapons Mod Version: 3.1.2 OS: Server ran on Ubuntu Server Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: Server crashes when users dispense items from a dispenser. Please note: this is not placing dispensers, filling them, or anything of the like. This is only when actually dispensing items from the dispenser. Error Messages: Error Log: 13:44:30 [sEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.mod_WeaponMod.dispenseEntity(mod_WeaponMod.java:644) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.BaseMod.dispense(BaseMod.java:55) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at cpw.mods.fml.server.FMLBukkitHandler.tryDispensingEntity(FMLBukkitHandler.java:289) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.BlockDispenser.dispense(BlockDispenser.java:149) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.BlockDispenser.a(BlockDispenser.java:219) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.World.a(World.java:2429) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.World.doTick(World.java:1776) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(MinecraftServer.java:565) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:467) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:492) 13:44:30 [sEVERE] Unexpected exception java.lang.NullPointerException at net.minecraft.server.mod_WeaponMod.dispenseEntity(mod_WeaponMod.java:644) at net.minecraft.server.BaseMod.dispense(BaseMod.java:55) at cpw.mods.fml.server.FMLBukkitHandler.tryDispensingEntity(FMLBukkitHandler.java:289) at net.minecraft.server.BlockDispenser.dispense(BlockDispenser.java:149) at net.minecraft.server.BlockDispenser.a(BlockDispenser.java:219) at net.minecraft.server.World.a(World.java:2429) at net.minecraft.server.World.doTick(World.java:1776) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(MinecraftServer.java:565) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:467) at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:492)
  2. Welcome one and all to the thread about an exciting, challenging, and fun server named ZepKraft. ZepKraft is a new and growing Tekkit server. Zepkraft does not have the mod equivalent exchange enabled due to the fact it ruins servers with lag or destroying the economy. ZepKraft has several worlds which will each allow you to experience something new and exciting. The server has a regular Tekkit main-world along with a Creative world. We have a challenging and intense economy that stays balanced due to the lack of EE and the presence of competing companies. Apart from all of this we have made a WORLD of PvP Arenas for those that wish to have some extra excitement. Winning in a PvP event on this world can reward you very nicely, but of course you have to win before you can even start to wonder what the reward will be for that event. (The PvP world is a work in progress, it will be available soon!) We like to pride ourselves on the challenge we present to users. We have a user shop, but you can only buy raw materials and for a price that is probably way too steep. It is meant to be used as an emergency shop. You can only sell Cobblestone and Scrap at the shop. This is to allow for a user driven market. We have an entire market region where you can rent plots at spawn to place your shops. There are three different sizes. We also like to encourage our users to create companies and advertise them on our website. This server is like no other. We do not have Towny or Factions due to the fact that we want our server to be Market based and Market based alone. We do have protection, which is something we know a lot of people look for in a server. However, with the complexity of Tekkit it is hard to ensure that every mod is protected against in regards to griefing. For this reason we have plug-ins installed that will roll back your area if you are griefed. Our staff works really hard to ensure that you are happy! We are very strict with regards to spamming, begging, griefing, etc. We have low tolerance for any of these things as to create a good environment for all our users. Come join us and let us know what you think about our server! We'll be waiting for you! Take a look at our server, below our credentials there are photos of our spawn and some of our bigger builds that users have created. Server IP: mc.zepkraft.com ZepKraft Server Rules: General Most important rule: No grieving. This includes stealing on our server. Respect all staff and players Do not beg for items/money Hacking (flying, xray, etc) and/or exploiting of any kind will result in a ban Do not spam chat Do not use excessive caps or foul language Do not ask to be staff. Do not advertise other servers. To become veteran you must play on this server for 12 hours. Do not ask to be promoted Timers must not be set below 2 seconds. Violation of this will result in removal of your project. Do not allow your pipes to be overflowed. Doing so WILL result in a ban. Do not ask for items to be spawned in for you. Do not ask to be teleported. This is a veteran perk, you must wait until you are a veteran. Note: We have a protection plug-in, if your build is grieved and you have not protected it, we will ban the offender, but we will not roll your build back. It is your job to protect your build. Failure to do so will result in possible grieving. ZepKraft PvP Rules: No Camping, allow 10 minutes before slaying the same person again You are allowed to take the possessions of the person you have slain Killing people at spawn will get you jailed for 20 minutes the first time and banned thereafter. You are not allowed to /tpa to people and kill them. Do this will get you jailed for 30 minutes. Violation of any of these rules will get you jailed for 10 minutes unless otherwise stated. Equivalent Exchange: This mod is not enabled, and will not be enabled. Do not ask for it to be enabled. Do not ask why it is not enabled. Do not complain about it not being enabled. Examples of grief: Stomping on someone's plants. Taking someone's plants and not replanting them. Burning people's homes. Trying to break into someone's home without their permission. Covering someone's home in dirt. Uninstalled Mods: Nether Ores Equivalent Exchange EnderChests Banned Items: All explosives (TnT, Dynamite, Nukes) Teleport Pipes Limited Items and requirements: Quarries - 12 Hour rank perk JetPacks - 100 Hour rank perk/Donation Perk World and Dimensional Anchors - 100 Hour Rank Perk/Donation Perk Mining Laser - Donator Perk Plugins Applicable to you: MC Jobs Multiverse MobDisguise LWC ProtectionStones SimpleRegionMarket BOSEconomy ChestShop Pictures of our Server: This is our main spawn building. Inside this building is where all of our tutorials and rules are. This is where we sell food and coffee on the bottom floor. The top two floors are apartments that are rented out to staff members. This is the coffee shop, inside the building above. This is where you can buy all of your food or coffee or just have a good time with friends in a relaxing environment. This is the ZepKraft Bank. This is the inside of the bank. You can see there are tellers inside to assist you in your economic transactions. (RP Only, they are just villagers silly) Also in the bank are the staff offices. This is a general view of our spawn from our Marketplace. To the left you can see the general store. This facility houses both general goods for sale and a public machine room. This is the inside view of the General Store. This is the public machine room. Our server has a SuperMarket called ZepMart! Here you can buy any raw materials for an overpriced cost! This is a view of our Mod Shop strip. Mods sell their goods here. Also at the end of the strip mall is the Veteran Center. Play for 12 hours and you can take advantage of all things in this center! As with everything, without order comes chaos. We have a server jail as to facilitate those who have proven to be a menace to our society. Type /warp jail to visit loved ones who have been sentenced! This is the view of a couple of our shops in our Market region. Anyone who is a Vet or better can rent a plot and make their very own shop! Below are a couple of custom builds by members of the server. We hope you come visit us at ZepKraft! We are a new server so we are looking for some loyal members to join us. Thank you for reading!
  3. DO you host the server yourself or pay for it to be hosted? I'm assuming its not dedicated.
  4. The thing that confuses me about this theory though is that it happens in areas that were not world edit'd.
  5. I cannot find any consistent blocks, in that, they are both vanilla and tekkit mod blocks. It has occurred, with every block I can think of. It seems to happen mostly at spawn from what I can tell. Also it happens in my personal factory on the server. The only common factor I can think of is both areas are loaded with chunk loaders ie. world anchors/dimensional anchors. I checked out this thread and while I'm getting the same errors, I'm not certain its related as I get the errors when blocks don't disappear and blocks disappear even when I do not get the errors. Also, I've not had problems with what seem to be blocks regenerating as if changing Biomes. Lastly, my server rarely to never crashes, so it being caused by a corrupt level.dat file is improbable. I appreciate all the help I'm getting on this. THank you so much for your time. I would just like to mention one last thing: Jorcer asked if there were any changes and I said no, however this is untrue. I realized that we moved worlds and I worldedit'd the spawn to the new world (obviously negating any microblocks/redpower bc they don't copy D: D: D: ). Also, we have since switched hosts (by this I mean we were being hosted now we are dedicated) so the world was copied, but this was happening before this. And lastly, this occurs in my factory which has not been world edit'd in any way as well as several people's builds other than mine. Again thanks for the time.
  6. EE is actually not installed at all. And no the server is not offline.
  7. Plugins: AutoRank BuyCraft ChatManager CHestShop CookieMonster craftscripts Essentials et. al iconomy lwc mcjobs mobdisguise Pex et. al Multiverse and inventories Nick_Namer noitem ProtectionStones SimpleAfkKick SimpleFly SimpleMute Votifier VotifierScripts WorldEdit WorldGuard and all applicable dependencies.
  8. For an example: mc.zepkraft.com log on, I'll find a nice sample for you. :D
  9. So, it has come to my attention after much deliberation that areas of my server are being, what seems to be, griefed. This is not being done by a player (according to logblock and the fact that i've seen it happen before my eyes), but by some magical creature of the night! I'm not entirely certain what is causing it, and was curious if anyone else out there is encountering such a terrible situation! Example: log off to a well maintained factory > log on the next day to cobblestone generator leaking lava and water everywhere! Example: areas in spawn broken, chests gone, no machines nearby! Example: "Can you come figure out who griefed my house D: D:D :" -concerned user "Logblock: this block is not registered as being changed" (or whatever it says) "Welp, I dunno D: sorry!" -me as you can probably tell, this is quite an annoying circumstance. I've tried the ever popular google.com (maybe you've heard of it?) and have come up with nothing other than a couple posts on how endermen like to jack blocks! If this is the case, these endermen sure are working overtime! Any help would be...well helpful. THanks in advance <3!
  10. I'm sure you found a fix to this, but I googled this same problem and got this forum with no answer. The problem is most likely that you have something in your inventory messing up your game. Best thing to do is /clearinventory or have an OP do this. Good luck!
  11. Yeah I don't have EE on my server. I have banned all explosive items (including dynamite) as well as Mining Laser. I have WorldGuard, its what I use to (attempt...apparently) prevent grief. Thanks for all your inputs tho!
  12. By got, I mean has been like several times! Not sure what the problem is, have all explosions off and banned the items that create them...also have region guard. What else could it be?
  13. I recently played on a Tekkit server that had a seperate EE world. The way i disabled EE on my server was i just deleted the folder, as that's what people told me to do. I would like to impliment an EE world just as this other server did as I feel it would be a great addition to my game. Also....just a question, I cannot get TOwny to run on my server at all...I did the thing where you ignore the version type and all that, but still causes errors and does not load. Any help on either matter would be nice. Thanks!
  14. Ok I officially love you. :D
  15. If this works...I will love you forever =P