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  1. Age: 17 IGN (In Game Name): Tyl3r684 Why do you want to play on this Server?: I need a new server since coming back to Tekkit, and this one seems to be perfect. What Do you want to Build?: A factory completely ran on free labor by Chinese children, but a moon base would be nice too.
  2. It makes mines more realistic. Having to actually do more then go to 12 - 14 and strip mining c:
  3. I mean that as to, Tekkit Classic was developed a long time. And I'm just curious if that is the case with this one, or is it going to be like Lite? Sorry for sounding stupid. ^_^
  4. It's now thaumcraft messing up.
  5. I have edited a few config files to allow Forestry to work.
  6. Thaumcraft is really not my friend, why is causing it to kill my world/server? http://pastebin.com/Xt44Cg79
  7. I don't mind at all that it's gone, IC2 has a Jenkins with 1.5.1, but that is not the point. If you want it SO bad you can't live without it, just manually add it. And get over it.
  8. Delete the mod from the mod files in the server, then it wont load the mod, meaning no one can use it, like it don't exist. They can still have it installed and be fine.
  9. In shorthand, it uses Forge API so they can update the mods ANYTIME they want because they do not need to wait for someone to'hack' it for Bukkit, like Tekkit Classic, this means they can keep these mods updated a lot more and get new content faster from modders, now fro servers, there IS Bukkit plugin integration so this is pretty much an always updating version of tekkit.
  10. I now have Wooden to the quarry still no luck, should I put wooden on the Energy Bridge? Wooden pipe on the bride works now thank you!
  11. Also, this works for never versions, if you update your Tekkit you MAY have to redo this.
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