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  1. i know it will never be apart but im just wondering on if it possible to manually instal i've done it for technic but technic is starting to annoy me with taint and all the snakes egt. but for tekkit it dosn't work? i put it in the mods folder but do i have to do something else besides that.
  2. Has my titles kinda suggests is, is it possible to put forestry into Tekkit manually? im not on a server or anything im only playing singleplayer
  3. Yes, Exactly what i did. Kinda working but i need ores to test haha. Thanks you two.
  4. Yeah i've sfixed it but my basement is extremely messy now... there is probably a easy sollution but i didn't though. Just added a seperate buffer/sorter for the ingots and dusts
  5. has i said the cobblestone does have somewere to go the next buffer but it dosn't move till the machines is empty even though it dosn't belong in a machine
  6. Yep i got 3 Rotary macerators 3 induction furnace 3 singlarity compressors and what ever the extractor is. but everytime there is something in those machines the sorter stops actually sorting which is weird because if cobblestone is in the buffer that dosn't need to go to the machines but after the machines are empty the cobblestone goes to the next sorter.
  7. yes i though that also but im just quoting on what the owner actually said in his old livescream video.
  8. i am doing that at the moment but the buffer back logs and the dust/ingot has no were to go.
  9. i wanna say both because rei is acting like its an actual different world and it thinks you're not saving it correctly but it has been fixed, i've tested.
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    i'm having a bit of problems filtering my ores and stuff from my actual sorting line i wanna filter out the following Tin ore Iron ore copper ore gold ore silver ore nether tin nether iron nether copper nether gold nether silver nether redstone nether lapis nether diamond tin, iron, copper, silver and gold dust. Raw carbon mesh, mixed metal ingot and uranium But how can i filter them without actually using a filter? * Example: Chest -> filter -> tube -> sorter -> chest * but with the ores i wanna * Example: Chest -> filter -> tube -> macerator/furnace/compressor -> sorter -> chest* Any ideas?
  11. They have fixed the bug in the new mystcraft. i don't think there is a solution to it but someone on this forum may know
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    forge i believe.
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    Ohhh Sorry, i suppose it is a custom modpack but near enough the same has technic, i just wanted IC2, BC, RP2 and some other little mods (Opti, inv tweaks and reis minimap) i could give more info on what mods i have
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    i do have forge installed and it was working a min ago
  15. your blowing my bubble right? Control Core Lighting Logic Machine Wiring World Just for info .. does NEI_RedPowerPlugin got to do with any of it?
  16. But im not using technic im using mostly mods from technic except things like industrial, thaum, nether ores and stuff like that, i still got redpower, buildcraft, inv tweak, optifine, NEI, additional pipes, logistics, reis minimap and enderstorage but thats near enough the same wouldn't you say?
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    NEI is being funny im having 2 problems. 1. Barely any of my redpower items are showing on redpower and i went on subset but it dosn't let me put them back on 2. Most Redpower items are called Unamed
  18. yeah i already knew about that infact im so bored im making a house out of the smallest micros hehe i think it is like 120x120
  19. i was thinking doing a hv solar factory but i need alot of uu matter Trying to avoid EE only item i use is the bags and the flying ring
  20. i've built quite alot of things in technic now and im completely confused on what to make now, be good if some of you guys could give me some suggestions. i've already made Zipper Elevator, Blaze Trapper, Enderman Trapper, Automatic Mushroom Machine, Automatic wool machine, Redpower Sorting machine, Liquid Compound full off (Oil, Lava and Creosoite oil) "Help" Now which i need help with is putting the id back for all the items in Buildcraft i believe the tanks and pump is in. i accidently replaced it with a different item but i have no idea on how to change it back, so everytime i put a different mod in or i crash i loose all my buildcraft items like, Tanks, Pumps, Pipes, Engines egt.
  21. yes it is but you've gotta manually put it in tekkit
  22. could you get me the FML for the mod ive looked at tutorials and the links dont load.
  23. i was getting this problem like 2 hours ago so i left and went back to it and atm it is fine ^.^