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  1. Picture 1 Picture 2 Downloaded the brand new Tekkit pack and NEI is stuck in Recipe mode. Checked the config, and even redownloaded Tekkit and I can't get it to work. I included 2 pictures showing that it's in Cheat mode on the NEI options, but I don't have the icons on the upper left of the Inventory screen appearing.
  2. Is the MFSU pointed at the teleporter correctly? I had a similar problem until I took a better look at my MFSUs.
  3. You copy the link of the zip folder and paste it into the custom zip text box. It should look like this:
  4. The link, yes. Otherwise you won't be able to get access to it.
  5. Duplicated it? Can you see the zip folder in your dropbox? If so, right click it and choose "copy public address". That will link to it and it will be able to be downloaded then.
  6. It all depends on what you want. If you're adding new mods, they might conflict with other mods and their config files. But for now, yes, just zip up the mods folder, then put it in your dropbox's public folder. Once it syncs, you should have the option of copying the link and that will lead the launcher to the zip folder and it should download it.
  7. Ok let me outline the steps then: 1. Take the mods you want and put them in a "mods" folder. That means take .jar files and put them in the folder. 2. Right click on the folder and click "send to" and then choose the "compressed (zipped) folder" option. For me I have 7 zip and that's a different menu. 3. Put that zipped folder somewhere where people can access it, like dropbox. 4. Copy the link of folder and put it in the custom zip option in the options menu. 5. Run the launcher and it should work. Try it out with my link and just try the single player option. When it loads up, it should say it has 66 mods loaded.
  8. I'm not sure. The zip folder needs to be specific in what it contains. It has to have a "mods" folder and anything else you want to add to must be in the zip folder. Other wise the launcher won't know what to do.
  9. Yes that's correct. Then you need to link to it using a website where people can get to it. I use the Public folder in my dropbox and then distribute the link. Then you put that link in the custom zip text box in the options menu and when you launch your tekkit, it should reach out to the site and download that file.
  10. What are you trying exactly? My problem was that I had 2 zip folders inside a zip folder. This caused the Technic Launcher to not unpack the files into the right place.