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  1. Your ingame name: i have 2 hope you dont mind they are, monkeyblade99 and monkeyblade007 Why you want to join our server:its white listed and it sounds like a blast! plus i hate the dimensional doors... Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which?:no but i host my own server. ive played on every type of server exept the newest version of tekkit and i would love to try one out! like this one possibly maybe make a video about it. Something about yourself: i love protected servers. and i am very good with redstone, and i can make videos. just one more thing i am a very deticated player so if i like a server im on it a lot! oh and by the way does raiding (to you) count as greifing?
  2. Posting For: monkeyblade007 AGE:-13 IGN:-monkeyblade007 Minecraft/Tekkit experience:- just alittle while but monkeyblade99 plays it and i think its cool! Extra information is always appreciated:-monkeyblade99 showed me tekkit and minecraft!
  3. AGE:-15 IGN:-monkeyblade99 Minecraft/Tekkit experience:-i have made it to the best i made quantum armor lol and ive become a master with armor rings and tools and im good with redpower and piping too Extra information is always appreciated:-i am a female im telling you that because i hate it when people call me a he
  4. Minecraft name: monkeyblade99 Why do you want to join us?: because i thought i should try a whitelisted tekkit server for once. Have you ever been banned?:yes because i got griefed and started killing people then got banned for it.
  5. IGN:monkeyblade99 Reason for wanting to become a member:because i would like the member to have more fun on this beast server Why should we accept you:cause your awesome and nice and im not evil