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  1. This will eventually become the latest version, whatever that may be.
  2. Also you sound extremely young in that video that was published just shy of a year ago. I doubt your age, as my voice is pretty low and I'm not far off of your age.
  3. I'll be accepting more applications soon. Sooper_Ninja you probably won't be getting in unless you stop promoting your YouTube channel here. Sorry, I just hate people who do that -_-
  4. Whaddaya mean? As in how long does it usually take to get whitelisted or your application accepted?
  5. Jesus Christ xD So many applications. Hold for a bit guys. When we get our server up and running I'll have a look at this. I'm so very busy and stressed every day xD
  6. We're gonna be updating soon to V1.1.8. I gotta get hold of the host fast xD
  7. Yup. GG everyone. Only 1 person has lied xD The files are being loaded and configured so server should be up soon.
  9. K then. Tell me when the computer is done then I can change the script
  10. Accepted and will be whitelisted when I know what the hell is going on with the host.
  11. All you three, accepted. SERVER RESTART SET TO 30 MINS DUE TO STABILITY
  12. ................. VG is this the computer with more RAM or is it still the 1GB RAM one? Chocobunny accepted, and Jalcyon, thank you for not ranting cuz I hate it when people rant about such things :3
  13. I can connect but the script may not be up to standard. VG what is your max RAM on this new computer?
  14. VG no one can join the server. Make sure your ip hasn't changed by going to whatsmyip.org and make sure that you have portforwarded.
  15. I'm not sure. VG said to me there's an internet problem, like mine. Probably has "Virgin Media's "SUPERFAST BROADBAND"" which is EXTREEEEMELY slow. I can't load a 6 second video after 1 hour. Loads barely 1 second. ADVENTUREQUEST ACCEPTED
  16. Accepted. You seem very mature for a 12 year old, so congratulations xD
  17. Sure, if you got to www.skytekmc.enjin.com there's a recruitment page for mod. Just fill in the form, play on the server for a bit, and I'll read it.
  18. Accepted and whitelisted soon. I have built a spawn shop, but yet to have finish it. Pics haven't been updated lol
  19. I'll be back late, so VG scroll back through the threads and whitelist the people I've accepted plz
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