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  1. i want to report a Knight_Galens and Goober03. I have caught them twice and killed them in MY HOUSE, to find that they stole my red alloy wire, lamps, fibre cable and pipes. I want these griefers/raiders BANNED for greifing and raiding.
  2. when i came back this morning, there was basalt cobblestone everywhere, my diamonds gone and glass fibre cable gone... alll my iron as well.
  3. Rnen, xXKellsterXx, theres a wall of nukes outside spawn thats spells hi...
  4. He attacked me with an iron sword in the cave under my house.
  5. I want to report a user called seth1212. He griefed many peoples houses and stole all of our items. I believe he has hacked in relations to being the only person able to attack users. I only ask for this person to be watched. thanks for reading.
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