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  1. Oh lord, nice bump I'm afraid that the server is gone though, we shut it down few months ago.
  2. Oh well. I didn't know that there is a way to produce ice. I started playing tekkit around 2 weeks ago and i'm still learning.
  3. We're going to build a breeder in a basement too, at the moment we have enough uranium. And what cooling systems? Using coolant cells and integrated heat dispersers? Those are useful only in setups that can produce up to 120EU/t. More than this will cause the coolants to slowly die. We're producing over 2000EU/t from one reactor, so ice cooling was necessary. EE is just used to supply the systems with ice.
  4. We have 2 ice injection systems for the reactors. First - manual, injects a stack of ice into the reactor each 0,5 seconds. We use that during startups of the reactors and in emergency situations. Second, automatic, injects a stack of ice into the reactors each 8 seconds, if the temperature is higher than 100 (most of the time, it just prevents it from injecting ice when the reactor is shut down). In both systems, if the reactor is filled or if not a whole stack could fit into the reactor, the extra ice goes to an incinerator. An energy condenser with single energy collector MK3 provides basi
  5. A power plant on the server http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/nuclear-power-plant-screens-video.24278/
  6. So this is a working, kinda safe nuclear power plant that my friend and I have built on a Tekkit server. Maximum power output to HV lines (with all MFSU sets charged) - ~50000EU/t Maximum power output from reactors (to charge the MFSU sets) - 2x2000EU/t Battery sets: 8 sets of 10 MFSUs Power plant. Cooling towers Control room (1) Control room (2) Some of the RedPower stuff behind the control room Batteries Random corridor Ice injection systems Entrance to the reactor I Reactor I A video (With Polish commentary starting at around 1
  7. Reactor ->HV cable -> HV Transformer -> Glass fiber cable -> MFSUs -> Power lines (Glass fiber). In our nuclear power plant we use this system and it works fine. HV cable can take up to 2048EU/t in UHV. Glass fiber cables fry with UHV, but they work fine with HV. I was testing that system and i was able to send over 50000EU/t in HV through a single glass fiber cable. Don't transport HV voltages in HV wire, it's not worth it. HV wire's loss with UHV is 1EU/t per block, and for HV the loss is around 70EU/t per block!
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