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  1. Not sure if this is purely galacticraft or tekkit as well but I recommend all servers disabled the Oxygen Sealer for now regardless. Oxygen sealers will succesfully seal an area and work properly untill you unload the area while sealed. Breaking the seal on an oxygen sealed area after it has been unloaded & reloaded will cause a server crash.
  2. So many comments every time the server is down. As far as tekkit server goes this one has amazing uptime. It's modded minecraft so every server crashes sometimes but this one has been more reliable than every other server I've come across so far.
  3. Iron!

    Hey, you can PM me on Reddit (same username). If you find a good server, please do.

    I'll message you in case of the same.

    Giving consideration to going to the newest tekkiit version anyhow...



  4. Agreed with Sen, it was fun. Has anyone found a worthwhile similar server to play on?
  5. It'd be nice to hear what happened. To answer your question, you need to download the new version of the technic launcher to get the updated Tekkit.