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  1. Only been on for about less than 24 hours... good community (somewhat mature)... well laid out banned items list... And the EE world (the world every new player starts in) is on peaceful difficulty (at the time of this posting)... I would recommend this to my friends, but I doubt they would play Tekkit / non-creative / etc. so I'm out of luck *sighs* Overall.. I like it and probably am abandoning the other server I play on by accident >_> EDIT: As is according to next post, (and fact,) mobs are on and difficulty is on Hard
  2. ===== Server Review ===== Server Name: iCraftTekkit Server Website: http://icrafttekkit.com/ Server Reviewer: (Honest player of the server giving it an honest review) like2omg == Table of Contents == 1. Basic server overview 2. Starting off tutorial 3. Tidbits of important information 4. Notes 4.1. Ranks 4.2. Grief protection 5. Final words 6. About the reviewer 1. Basic server overview: This is a well-run server. Although at times, some things are not working or have yet to be (just like any real server), but it is still very well playable. Thanks to PvP only in specific
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