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  1. This is a brief assessment of the server from a commited MC Tekkiter for those interested in playing here. After joining about 15-18 days ago, I was immediately pleased by the server plugins, and the almost virgin world. It felt like a great place to "set up shop". I began to talk to several players I had met throughout my SMP experiences, inviting them to come and conquer! We quicky got a basic factory up and going, HV solar arrays, MFSUs and all the power we would need. Got our gang in nano and then the servers tech issues started. Towny went wonky several times. plugin conflicts started mounting up over and over with almost 2 full days of down time. All in all we lost the protections on the plots we had 4 times. We lost our balances 4 times. In essence we had to start over each time there was a "glitchy plugin." The "compensation events" that were to be for those that lost bank balances or plots were buggy themselves with items giving no cash or not being 'picked up' when it was dropped by a mob. One so-to-speak compensation event didnt even happen in the EU timezone where a few of our residents reside. There was a point where the mob rewards were completely turned off and the shop was turned off, leaving effectively no means to generate money at all. The only way was to "Vote" for the server. How could I vote for something that was so bad? After losing the town balance and plots the 3rd time, I voiced how upset I was in chat and was muted by the admin. I understand how frustrated he was with the plugins themselves, and the coding, but to punish a player for no real reason seems pretty insecure. The server has lag issues, as well as faulty plugin nodes. Rather than taking the server down for regular maintenance say once per week for 12 hours, the techs "fix on the fly", which means continual plugin changes for the player base. Although this may go well on a server with children as its primary market, young adults and college or career oriented gamers would obviously be upset. The owner seems to care far more about getting the 20-60$ donation from someone, than those clients using the server. It came across as a money grab sometimes, which I understand that MC servers are at the moment. Its ok to try to get donations; however, to constantly talk about only donations is a bit over the top. The server is not professional by all means; it is coded as a pass time and hobby. I have to say thank you to a few of the mods that were somewhat helpful or at least understood the frustrating circumstances of contact plugin changes. Our team was grateful! As a plus side and a positive to the admins and mods, the spawn area was a very great attraction. (: To the builder - I hope you put it in your portfolio! In saying all that I hope the owners and admins take this as feedback, and not an attack. Overall I enjoy my tekkit experience, hardcore pvp, glitchy tech or otherwise. However, I would never promote this server to anyone. There is your free bump Malice. Sadly you couldn't even have an adult conversation with me. :/
  2. To those that are seeking a tekkit pvp server, this is a great server so far. --- Contact me in game if you have experience with tekkit - Our town needs more active experienced builders - Skype is a huge help to you and be self motivated to work on tasks and jobs that benefit the growing Town! Also, to an Admin, Could someone clarify what "Today" is in terms of the Compensation event ? The server will obviously have players in several different time zones; hence, the need to clarify times. Also, could an admin let us know a timeline on when the admin shop and mob bounties will be turned back on? There are some players in our town that need a way to make cash, something other than voting for the server. Cheers! Mayor MyDiamonz
  3. *** I am hoping all the BBnation gang will read this and log in! *** Some of you I have been in contact with, others I havent. You know who you are. Our town is active and alive!
  4. IGN: MyDiamonz Age: 30's+ Location (country): Canada Have you read and agree to the rules: YEs Have you played Tekkit before?: Yes. Pretty solid experience with IC2, BC, RP2, little experience with computercraft. I understand all mods in Tekkit, and that you have disabled several. I have been an admin on another tekkit server, and a mod on other; there fore, I have a clear understanding of most mods, including those on this server. Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?: Not as of yet. I will check it out and consider engaging the community longer.
  5. PS. once this thing is stable I am positive some of our team will donate.
  6. Cheers Malice, thanks for those updates! Twitter will work well to keep us informed.
  7. Is the server down? For some reason im not white listed :/ its super fun Bros!...
  8. I built a Solar Panel assembly line in creative last week. Just to see how tight I could get it. It is 17w x 9l x 6h - I used a 5 step assembly line. Raw Material > Processed > Fabricated > Manufactured > End Product I used condencers for raw materials, each raw material had to have a specific mk lvl of Relay or Collector on top or to the sides to manage the production of the resource. To move the items in each condencer to the next step in the assembly line I used Filters, in certain spots I used Sorting machines. All items were moved by pneumatic pipes and at places timed (Using timers) inputs into the filters or sorting machines. This was a very very tight setup, although I could maybe have tightened it up even more. By shackkcd at 2012-09-02
  9. To the BBNation Team: Server is all glitchy. Hit me up via forums Message. I will invite you back to town when the server is stable and we can play together again. To the Admins/Mods: I hope to play here, and hope you guys can work out the issues. Good job trying so far. I understand the node conflicts can be messy. :)
  10. So just clarification. I log in, we lost our town and the 23 plots i was a town mayor of. None of our town is protected. we have been raided - due to the admins changing a mod or plugin. and now we are expected to start over? a brief update on if compensation will happen or not would suffice. *** BBNation guys *** Be sure to hit me up in game or on forums here...
  11. Um can we have some clarity on what has happened? i log in with no town and no spawns /outpost /town etc etc? I had 8 players in my town with 16+ plots and huge town going....
  12. Thank you for this notification. Please keep us posted as to when the server goes "live" again. It was hugely disappointing for me when i lost my inventory and died when i was ported into a wall. They, when respawning I had seizures for about 3 deaths. I figured it was a corruption somewhere. To all those in our town - you guys know who you are. Keep watching the thread and the server. We will continue to build!
  13. Name: MyDiamonz Age: Oldguy - Married What do you wish to accomplish?: joina triving community and pvp or defend against pvp'rs Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? yes, a few months of Tekkit now. I have pretty solid experience with IC2,BC and some RP2 stuff now. Been focusing on RP2 what is the purpose of a macerator? mash ores into twice the number of ingots or make coal dust for Nano Recommendations(if you been invited): none, I have not been invited Others things i should know: I am Canadian, and play during late night PST. I am attending University. I have gamed all my life. I use skype, TS, Vent, and other voips. I dont like too many mod changes on a server. I get upset when there is changes non stop and lots of down time. Dont take my frustrations seriously. I just don't like wasting time. I own that.
  14. As a leader of a town on this server, could I please ask for a more comprehensive list of plugins available to us players and towny leaders? I have tried lots of commands for plugins that the server has, but there is not access. Such as the Party plugin not allowing me to be the party leader, so that I can invite or kick players from the party. It would be nice to have available the information about all the tools at our disposal; this clarity would clear up any confusion that is happening. Cheers, MyDiamonz
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