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  1. .::PwnCraft Big Dig::. IP: PwnCraft is a brand new server hosting a mature community, we reserve the right to remove users for being immature. You have been warned. The server is 24/7, grief, raid, and pvp. We have installed plugins such as Factions and BetterTP to enhance your raiding experience. Most all items are enabled, with the exception of Mystcraft, Dimensional Doors, and Dimensional Anchors to prevent lag issues. We have special donor perks that we plan to implement in a few weeks time such as: drop parties, scavenger hunts, and donor perks. The spawn bo
  2. If what you say is true, wouldn't they do away with the two different kinds of wire and only have one, seeing as the only difference between the two is crafting recipes? Maybe Eloraam could make RP machines compatible with EU like the machines in Mekanism. I would certainly lie to have things like computers, wires, frames, logic devices. I understand if they want to keep things more realistic with Assembly Line, just do away with the tubes and manipulators for this pack.
  3. Moderator Application: Ingame Name: McSnovers Age: 16 Skype: likewoahitszak Name: Zak Snover How long have you been playing BTT(Big Trio Tekkit)?: 6-7 months What would you rate your Reputation on the server: Many would say they don't like me while there are others who I am good friends with. *Scenario Testing* A player is excessively swearing, and Spamming, you would?: Tell them to stop, if they do not it is a 5 minute mute. How would you handle a bug abuser?: Perma-ban for more serious things like griefing via ender pearl glitching and such. Temp ban and warning for less serious off
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