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    New Computer Choices

    lol dell are crap. and im using one now it use to have 4 gigs of ram factory stocked then my nephew broke my mother board and cracked it then i lost my video-card ( went out ) what i am saying is dell not worth the time, im still fixing my java script iv tryed almost every thing. from some youtube videos, to google serce/ redownloading java 4 time allredy, just geting sick of a pc that wont event run minecraft. but yet it plays wow just fine 0% lag or any other game for that matter just my minecraft lags and super slow
  2. Dr_Zombie

    tekkit mod for the x-box 360

    it would be amazing hell relly awsome to make the tekkit mods for minecraft avalible to the x-box360 just a suggestion. my pc is crap 2 gigs of ram and still lags minecraft like crazy. iv tryed every thing . reinstaling java programs uptading them, aloting java more ram ect.. and it still lages me out of the game its that bad, i hvae minecraft for x-box thu and i love tekkit but would like to see the tekkit mods avalible to x-box for some of us who cant afford a new pc due to bills and food =D