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  2. Minecraft name: xmirich Age: 17 Experience: I've run Vanilla and Tekkit servers, but both became too expensive for me to run so they were shut down. I know almost everything about Tekkit and have been playing Tekkit for about three or four months. Why you want to join: I have fun playing Tekkit and my latest server shut down. I'm looking for something fun and long term : D
  3. o IGN: xmirich o Age : 15 o Have you been banned before : Yes o What was the reason : I was accused of flying, but it was the lag of the server. o Why do you want to join the server : I love Tekkit and I need a new server to play on. o o I am aware that there are many banned items on the server but I will not whine about them, If I do you can ban me for the day and I am happy with that and will not complain. o In addition I Certify I'm not a griefer, I dont beg for items and I will do my best to not cause additional work for Admins or lag the server! o Signed: Mitch R.
  4. In game name: xmirich Age: 19 Country: USA Why should we hire you: I play a lot of Tekkit, I'm experienced with the game and I know how to run things. Previous Experience: This is my first time applying for a staff position. (Hope that doesn't hurt my chances)
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