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  1. KS7 after the update it appears you forgot to turn off instabilities in mystcraft as the mining age now gives weakness and mining fatigue 3. Just making you aware! :)
  2. Yep. KS7 could have decided to just say fuck it and take the server down permanently. That would be worse!
  3. And way worse than I have ever seen it. This is the lag we used to get in old tekkit right before the server crashed.
  4. http://prime.paxsite.com/ Pax is a huge gaming convention. I hope there is a minecraft booth!
  5. I know people from Texas and New Orleans flying into Seattle for Pax. :D
  6. I know this is non minecraft related but, if by chance any of you guys are going to be at pax prime I would love to meet up at some point. Let me know
  7. Once you leave for basic I am going to send Uber a lifetime supply of Oreos.
  8. Sounds like CCP's go to message when a complaint is brought to them. "The logs show nothing" :P
  9. The server is now Big Dig modpack and it is at the Ip posted on page 1. P.S. Welcome back!
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