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  1. I agree with you Star, there are massive builds and factories everywhere, there is almost no open spaces, and they seem to be causing the crashes.
  2. I don't think its how many people are on lady, because it crashed on me when it was just us and asp on. you guys were also afk which means you weren't loading many chunks. But it might be... idk
  3. Amanda the server is not shutting down, its just restarting. Lars correct me on this if I am wrong, but there is just going to be a new world with the same spawn.
  4. The server is messed and lars is trying to get at least the spawn back. so we are probs going to have to start again.
  5. Okay so it says that they are resolving lag issues and to come back tomorrow but the server is open and people are on. does that mean we can connect now?
  6. hey lars it seems that for the past few nights the server has been down at about 10:00 mountain time. it may be earlier for others but that is just my experience. I would be great if you could look into it unless you are planning on making this a certain time zone server. thanks, bobby
  7. Minecraft name: bobbyjoetimtom Age: 15 Experiance: Over a year Why I want to join: the server i used to play on was shut down because the owner did not have the time to keep it up and this looks like a very promising server.
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