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  1. Title: [0.5.7] Redpower REDBUS GUI won't open Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Java Version: Java 1.7.0_11-b21 Description of Problem: When you shift-rightclick with a Screwdriver on a Redpower Control unit such as an IO Expander, a GUI is supposed to pop up allowing you to change that unit's slave ID. My Tekkit Lite will not allow me to open the GUI. This is a problem as it means I cannot use 2 different IO Expanders with the same computer, limiting me to only 16 wire colors. Error Messages: Error Log:
  2. MrNerd was actually sort of right. You can set up 2 diamonds, 8 glowstone, and 8 redstone in an Automatic Crafting Table (such that they make a Philosopher's Stone), then use a wooden pipe to pipe one into a chest, and then set up your Automatic Crafting Table next to that chest, i.e. so that it turns a diamond into 4 gold. Then, after you use that recipe once manually, both the Philosopher's Stone in the Table and the Chest will have no damage bar and will therefore work together indefinitely, since both will stay that way. This allows the transmutation recipe to work indefinitely, and is especially useful in combination with Krapht's Logistic Pipes, because it eliminates the need for Energy Condensers and Collectors and also does not require manual labor. I hope that makes sense.
  3. Actually, this is probably a better method. I would be doing this if I had any blaze rods on the server XD
  4. On the topic of the machines... there are actually only 5 redpower machines and one singularity compressor, none of which are particularly expensive. The most expensive part is the Energy Condenser, but if you don't have one of those, you probably shouldn't be attempting to turn electricity into EMC. Also, if you weren't dumb you would realize that without the automation, you can also do this with 1 Sand, 1 Compressor, and a Transmutation Tablet. But of course, automation is what Tekkit is all about, so that would be kind of dumb. I am also fairly certainly that no matter how much scrap you have, my system wastes way less energy than the UU-matter route through ANY recipe (excluding an Energy Collector). If you disagree, then do the math. Edit: Thanks for the info on "dark rooms". I actually hadn't heard of that before.
  5. Ok, all of you guys are officially too dependent on Energy Collectors. It makes me glad that they are banned on the server I play on. I have a MUCH better solution that does not involve Energy Collectors at all, and it starts with a single block of sand. (If you don't have sand, you could start by macerating some, even if the Philosopher's Stone is banned from environmental interaction.) 1. Build a Singularity Compressor. 2. Power it. 3. Put the Sand in the Compressor. 4. Take the Sandstone OUT of the Compresor. 5. Transmute the Sandstone into 4 Sand. 6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have somewhere between 8 and 64 Sand. 7. Build this setup: C W P O A R -- S -- T E F H, Where C is a Singularity Compressor, R is a retriever facing the Compressor with a piece of Sandstone in it, E is an Energy Condenser with Sand as the target, F is a Filter with a piece of Sand in it, H is a Chest of any kind, S is a Sorting Machine in All Stack Sequential with 1 Sand in one column, with White selected, and 3 Sand in another column with Orange selected, P is a normal Pneumatic Tube, W and O are Pneumatic Tubes painted White and Orange, respectively, A is an Alchemical Chest with a Gem of Eternal Density, or another Energy Condenser (this is where the output will go) T is a Timer set to the lowest interval, and -- is Redstone or Red Alloy Wire. In addition, Redstone should be placed on top of the Retriever and the Filter, connecting them to the Timer; The Retriever should be powered by Blue Alloy Wires or an RP Batbox directly; W, the White Pneumatic Tube, should in fact be placed above P at a right-angle to O, and then connected to the TOP of the Compressor by unpainted Pneumatic Tubes; and, optionally, a lever can be placed under the Compressor to put it in Standby Mode (so that it maintains its PSI even without Sand to process). Although the startup may be slow, the system should reach a very fast pace in due time. If it is not fast enough, it can be expanded with only additional Compressors, Filters, and painted Pneumatic Tubes (columns should be added to the Sorting Machine and the numbers adjusted to match the amount of Sandstone put into H in a single pulse. If you lack sufficient knowledge of Redpower 2 to complete this setup, http://integratedredstone.wikispaces.com is the official Redpower wiki and may be of great use. Feel free to share this setup anywhere and in any form as long as you mention my username. If you don't, I will find out and prove that I was the original source. Or maybe I won't. Either way, you should still give credit. Thanks for reading - I know it was rather long but I hope it proves helpful!
  6. Oh, lol... I should've looked harder...
  7. I don't think the retrievulator is in a position to be causing the problem, but filters will do what you describe when they have no valid destination for their item... I think they also do that when there isn't enough material to pull from.
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