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  1. This is absolutely NUTS. Server is Down Again...Or Still...Is there a difference? Hopefully you can get this taken care of. You have a good server... when it works.
  2. Looking for a new tekkit server?

    Come join us a play.ragemc.com:30001

  3. Server has been lagging for 8 hours. Now I have not been able to MOVE for 20 minutes literally honest to God. EPIC LAG. overload I watched nearly 20 new people log on and log back off. Your server is going to get a terrible rep if you dont fix this.
  4. Still Lagging Like Crazy UPDATE: Finally Admin on with info. Say its Hosts Fault. Maybe a new host? UPDATE: Admin Gone Lag Terrible.
  5. There are only 6 PPL on and its lagging like CRAZY. Cant do Anything! Could you please take a look?
  6. You buy it with iConomy money. You get iConomy money with IC Credits. 1 Cr = $1. There is a guide @ spawn on how to make Credits. And you trade your Credits for $ at spawn as well. (4 refined iron makes 16 credits). Member is $3000 advanced is $10000. Vip and Super Vip only come by donating REAL $ through the /buy command (Buycraft) set up an account with them as many servers use it.
  7. If you could claim land in mine world so you could build there as well that would be great. I do see some of the advantages of Cubical City ie chunk loading. Just a bit of warning and respect for the time and stuff that was lost.
  8. I did that. Had 2 alc bags full of all my stuff. Do I have to rebuild the bags and my stuff would be there?
  9. Then you need to have a conversation with your staff. I asked how to rent a plot. I was told to go read the signs. I thought I had read them all so I went back. The sign that told you how to rent a plot on the pool side of spawn said that the command was /buy. I went back to the plot I wanted and tried that several times. Didn't work. I asked again. No response. I asked again and was told again to go read the signs. Then I was called a F*****G IDIOT. It the Chat it came across that the command was /rent. OMG your sign was wrong. I tried to tell a mod but no one listened. I was treated like SHIT because YOU set up your signs wrong. UPDATE: Admin has Changed Signs and has implimented a new Broadcast System With INFO! Noobs across the world thank you. Admin said he was sorry. Thank You. Also just as a thought I was on last night and there were no admins on and the filth that was in chat was unacceptable. UPDATE: Still Poor Language, Racial and Hate Speach going on in chat at times with no staff on to take care of it. You say that you are nice staff and will answer any question. Well I have a question for you. I would like to know what Mods you were using on the Old map. UPDATE: Would still like this info. And as a side note I have seen more than several people log in cuss and ask WTF and say they won't be back on and leave. Your popularity came because your server was different in a good way. The rural I have freedom to build what and where I want. Not urban projects Cubical City. No more castles no more cool compounds. You build a square skyscraper to make sure you get all the space because it's so limited. UPDATE: Claims in Mine Wold will give the best of both worlds (hopefully). Also some warning would have been nice. The night before Server Screwing I was on playing for 5 hours till like 1 am. And I heard rumors but there was nothing in spawn or broadcast. Also "no shocker" no staff to confirm or deny. I had worked for about 3 hours to get my advanced status and once I had enough money I hot it and went to bed. I had less than $500. A little respect for your current players would have been appreciated. UPDATE: Admin is making changes for the better and says will give 3 day warning before reset. Thank You.
  10. That says nothing about Cubical City or ruining the spirit of tekkit. UPDATE: Admin has made some changes for the better server is getting better. Thank You. You cannot build anything in the mining world with out it being destroyed. UPDATE: Admin has added Claims to Mine World and "will give 72 hour reset warning" And it also says nothing about the RUDE Unhelpful staff. UPDATE: Staff has been more helpful now that the cluster of the reset has subsided. But it is not often that staff is on to help if there are problems. Server Could use more staff! I was planning on donating the way the server was because it was an awesome server but no way in Hell will I donate like it is now. UPDATE: I am considering donating again with new changes to server! THANKS. Especially if it would help with the EPIC LAG.
  11. Extremely disappointed with Map Reset. UPDATE: BUT Admin has added claims back to their Mine world. No warning reset. I was on playing till 1 am and nothing about reset. UPDATE: Admin has said that they will give 3 day warn before resetting Mine World. Go Back to the old map!
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