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  1. 1. Name: ryang1 2. What I`d Like to be Called On and Off the Server : Ryan 3. I have an excellent knowledge of minecraft and until recently i mainly played technic SSP but most mods are the same and i enjoy creating automated machines 4. Sorry dont own a microphone and dont really like using voice chat too much although my typing speed is rather fast so delays arent large in conversation. I live in the UK, 18 years old, enjoy the challenge of creating complicated machinery and restone contraptions. I mostly enjoy the technical aspect of tekkit e.g. piping, machinery, automation etc. as well as trying to making pleasing looking structers that are nice on the eyes (square houses can look so plain) I generally get along with others and any insults i throw are (hopefully) always seen as a joke as they are phrased that way. Would really enjoy playing on a small server without restrictions as most larger servers restrict objects because players cant be trusted to not destroy everything or even as rewards for donators. Whats the point of tekkit if a whole mod is missing?
  2. What i am saying is that any dlc that comes out for pc and only contains new dungeons and citys will most likely be easily replicated as a mod so there isnt much point in them releasing it as paid dlc, whereas any DLC that has new game mechanics will be much more difficult to make into a mod. I am not saying that people should pirate DLC but that bethesda can only bring out paid dlc for PC if it contains more than new locations and dungeons.
  3. it doesnt matter anyway any dlc that doesnt change game mechanics and just adds new areas will become a mod anyway so there is not much point in them selling these types of dlc on computer
  4. Couldnt host but i would like to participate.
  5. 1. Tribes ascend 2. skyrim 3. Left 4 dead 2