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  1. Kind of a shame that its Hamachi, otherwise I would join in a jiffy. I've found myself straying away from the furry fandom after a long while of little communication with them. After going to Anthrocon it kind of made me see everything in a different light. Folders full of porn that disproved my beliefs that the majority of the fandom is uninterested. I'm always in good terms with the fandom however, and still do like to chat with them once in a blue moon. If you ever do switch servers to paid and dedicated, I suggest Daddycheese for small servers like this. Small, cheap and VERY quick customer support. Other than that, Mcprohosting is the absolute best way to go. Amazing servers. I can easily give them a 10/10 for performance, price, and support for modpacks like Hexxit. If you ever do switch, I'll be sure to join if it hasn't crashed and burned and still is small and active.
  2. Used the Random Pokemon Generator and drew one of the 6 that presented themselves to me. Also thought I'd add color for a change. No color Color There's something special about the colored Bulbasaur; can you guess what it is?
  3. Thanks It really helps to practice a bit. Just beginning to figure out drawing is a skill everyone has and everyone can succeed in over time in.
  4. Took forever to find a non RULE 34 Reference for her. Its ok I guess...
  5. For Jay. Shading is pretty bad but the rest is ok I guess...
  6. I had lots of fun making this. Rough around the edges but I like the turn out.
  7. My 3rd Favorite pokemon. I'd be pleased to do it and likely fail miserably... I'll get to work
  8. Minecraft and Windows 8 don't like each other very well... Adding mods to it usually makes it disastrous. I'd suggest this if anything. Right click the program and choose the Properties option. Then proceed to click the Compatibility tab and Run the Compatibility Trouble Shooter Button. If that fails now you have to get manual. Try selecting "Run this Program in Compatibility for" check box and click on the version of Windows you want to run it with. Thats All I really got to say other than don't expect Notch to warm up to Windows 8. Its best to go back if you want to have a somewhat decent computer (For games anyways...). Heres what notch thinks about Windows 8 In all. Got an email from microsoft, wanting to help "certify" minecraft for win 8. I told them to stop trying to ruin the pc as an open platform. — Markus Persson (@notch) September 27, 2012 I'd rather have minecraft not run on win 8 at all than to play along. Maybe we can convince a few people not to switch to win 8 that way.. — Markus Persson (@notch) September 27, 2012
  9. Jesus christ... That was the hardest pokemon I've ever drawn... Sorry for the bad turn out
  10. You seem to have a Null Pointer error (Correct me if I'm wrong, a bit inexperienced at breaking down some crash reports). This type of error is caused by the mods installed in your Minecraft. This is caused when Java tries to access an empty object. Null Pointer Errors most of the time are only able to be fixed by the Author of said mod. I've done a little googling with no success. I would suggest not using the stone at all if the issue continues to cause problems.
  11. 2D Games you say? Why not try Terraria? Very fun and very separate from Minecraft contrary to popular belief. I've wasted hours on it over a friend's place (Pc Only, Currently a Xbox 360 release is out as well) And if you want something different... Try "To The Moon". I won't spoil anything and I strongly suggest you do the same. Dont Starve is very fun when you get into it. I suggest you pick it up.