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  1. Was the Soul Shards skeleton/wither skeleton (and on some occasions, zombie) crash fixed? In 1.3.9, my server crashes when I try to make a tier 5 skeleton spawner by inserting a soul shard into the soul cage. Apparently it's an issue with 1.5.2 and old forge, judging by some forum posts and pastebin logs. Also, do you have any plans on getting back to the older mods without removing the new stuff? Like, adding IC2/GregTech, or BiblioCraft/ThaumCraft, or maybe Railcraft if CovertJaguar decides to allow you to add it. I really liked it when this pack had them (RC slabs/stairs are really awesome for building, also steam makes a good energy source even in endgame). And I'm pretty sure that IC2 and GregTech is already compatible with 1.6.2/1.5.2. Mekanism+MFR+TE+AE+BC totally replaces it and adds a lot of cool new stuff, but I'm kinda missing these great mods. Also, latest ICBM has laser turret, a great defense weapon that uses energy as ammo (and it also can be upgraded now, apparently). Can't wait for this to be pushed to recommended.
  2. To be honest It's my first ever experience with PLATFORM (not just old plain launcher with no multi-modpack functions), and it just had to happen in such a good time of 1.5 release, meaning i can't try out the things until it updates ;_;
  3. The new launcher won't download the minecraft.jar for some reason. I add the pack (i.e. Plus+/Plus Sigma/Big Dig) from an URL, try to launch it, it downloads minecraft.jar three times and then gives me this, and crashes. Also happens with all the other default packs and even with vanilla MC. UPDATE: Nevermind. 1.5 just came out, so we'll just have to wait for the downgrader. By the way, now i have a question about the platform launcher, how does it tell what MC version is required for the pack? Is it hard-coded so that the (custom) pack itself tells the launcher what MC version to download?
  4. I thought you already did so. Or wait, you meant that i have to talk directly to them?
  5. what is this i don't even

  6. Well i apologize for getting upset and cursing at your administration team. Though, their actions have forced me (and us, counting in MCI and other people around) to act in such manner. I don't really like how you intentionally keep me in jail so i can continue. Again, can you answer when i'm being released back into the server? EDIT: Huh, mark1997rat mentioned here? I saw him once or twice, he was trying to PvP me.
  7. Well apparnetly cmuff didn't even talk to his "skilled" staff. Seriously, i'm still in jail for nothing, while i like this server a lot and would like to play on it in the free time. Again, i repeat, i'm being accused by a mistake just because i was nearby the time these accidents with MrCakeIndustries (Who you have abused, and i have never seen him playing after that) taken place. Can't you just check? I'm clean. Also, why are your mods saying that the refinery and combustion engines are banned? They really don't appear to be banned, but again, we were accused of having banned items for THAT. Refinery is really fine, how else we could get fuel for jetpacks? Combustion engine is far more dangerous, but it doesn't deal any damage with the protection this server provides. And both don't appear on the banned list. Check before you say.
  8. Poked at us, what? Snide remarks? ONLY after your mods started actually annoying us, so i had a reason to do so. Never happened before the accident. Talk to them. Also, i love how random strangers can easily grief my things and get away with it, while i get kicked and jailed for doing nothing harmful at all and pretty much just playing on the server. That's impressive. Anyway, you still haven't gave me a proper reason to do all of this. When i'm being let out of the jail? Cause i'm still jailed, you know.
  9. What? EDIT: Nevermind, it's up. EDIT: Well, admins and OPs around there are sure strange people. First, they take down our factory that was just sitting down there, causing no lag at all and sometimes exploding without any damage, MrCake repaired it. Then, they piss off MrCake by not answering his questions at all and ruining our hard work on the factory. It was also stated that the "refineries and combustion engines are banned", but i NEVER saw it on the banned list. Also, they raged when they saw a condenser, i have no idea how Cake got it. He quit. Then, i got kicked, for, uhm, not "behaving myself". I finish my village-related things and disconnect. Today, i join, and i'm jailed for no apparent reason, while it was only the MrCake who's involved. I did nothing on that factory and didn't help him in making banned things. Nobody is answering my questions about my reasonless jailing, while i only helped people extend the village and gather the resources. I'm still in jail now and i don't really understand what is going on. Just curious, why the hell would you involve ME in all that crap. Can you, at very least, state why i'm currently jailed, for misbehaving and trying to defend a pretty much innocent player?
  10. In-Game Name: Cheremenin Age: 17 Experience with tekkit: Been playing technic and tekkit for about half of a year now. Very good experience. Mostly in RP and IC2. Do you read the rules? Yes.