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  1. Hey i really like the server and i want to join but the spawn has been greifed to the point where i cant move at all
  2. IP: Server Rules Dont exploit gliches Do not crash the server Be nice Have fun Currently there arnt any mods disabled but that may change Im sorta lonely and i want some people to come out and give me company
  3. Reply if you want to play big dig with me
  4. IGN: Gringoboy180 Age: 15 Location: Texas Why do you want to join?: To have some fun with fun people Additional Notes: I like minecraft (lol duh) <---humor
  5. This server is so great! Has a cool community and the staff are as good as they come. The rules are not so strict yet they allow the fun experiences of tekkit without being disturbed by other unwanted players. Where as its almost impossible to get noticed by the server admins and mods on other servers, on parsonage the admins and mods build a relationship to a player due to the community nature. I highly recommend trying out parsonage! You will thank yourself later for joining :-D