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  1. The server is up and players are having a good time. Remember, mod applications, recommendations, and other feedback are all welcome here.
  2. That was my very first post on JWL, a year ago. After a year's time of being here i want to thank all of you for providing the most fun and memorable times I've ever had with an online community.
  3. Daggers are confirmed nerfed. I recently came across an entire chest of them and was prevented from picking them up. They shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  4. I think its time to start planning for the next seasonal event. Ideas, anyone?
  5. The Hexxit reset doesn't seem to be bothering anyone, we hit 45 players today.
  6. It would help if we had a separate thread for Infamy. It would also be nice if we could get some player input here, this isn't staff chat! Feel free to post here we'd love to get some suggestions for the server.
  7. Well Infamy opens in an hour and a half. Here's what it will be like for first-time players. Especially me.
  8. Many of our Hexxit server's most prominent players are in favour of this. There is a thread regarding this topic on the website. I feel that we'll lose the majority of our newer players though.
  9. Rex I found your secret apple cellar under the bank at Hexxit's spawn. This is a way for players to get an unfair advantage over others because they're spawned in and apples can be sold at market.
  10. Are you sure that's a good idea? Josh knows that without it the server has the potencial to be lagged into oblivion. This also gives hackers a new angle to kill the server. Nevertheless, without ClearLag clearing items so frequently this will alleviate the long-standing conundrum of a players loot or dropped items to vanish.
  11. ^ We could regenerate the world with Better Dungeons, a lot of people want to see that. Yet i don't think everyone will be keen if we were to do this, even if we backed up their player.dat's
  12. Long live the two-headed bear.

  13. Opinions are never wrong, as you may have noticed i am a cold-cultured thinker (yes that is legit psychological terminology) and if i have something to say about anything i won't hesitate to tell it like it is.
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