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  1. IGN: Lusifer2011 Age: 19 Skype: Yes but my mic is broken atm. How long will you on a day: between 2-4 hours. Reasoning for joining: Looking for a new Tekkit server since my old one shutdown. Favorite build: I really don't have a favorite build since I haven't built anything that I find noting. A little about yourself: I'm getting ready to head back to school to start getting my degree in game design.
  2. 1. Why do you want to play on this server? Just looking for a new server to play on since all the other ones have either shut down or were terrible. 2. What is your username? Lusifer2011 3. Why should we accept you? I'm a pretty helpful guy. I'm willing to help people with projects or help gather materials. 4. How long have you been playing tekkit? (It's ok if your only a beginner) I've been playing for about a year. 5. How old are you? 19 6. Have you been banned more then 3 times? if so why? Never been banned. 7.What is your feeling on griefing (Be honest) I have no problem with friendly pranks but when it wrecks my whole production or screws up my base I get very pissed. 8. Potatoes or pineapples? (this one wont count between your chance of getting in but answer it all the same) Potatoes because I'm allergic to pineapples.
  3. Your IGN: Lusifer2011 How often do you plan on playing: I'm usually on most for several hours. For experience players, the structure you are most proud of building: I once built a huge battle stadium complete with traps and changeing battleground. Why do you think Verve is the server for you: It look like an amazing with mature, creative people. There isn't a bunch of item bans either which is nice.
  4. lusifer remmeber meDEADxSHOT please message me the ip to the server were we met

  5. hey i just logged into the server after being away for like a day and all my machines, solar panels and power flower were stolen. i was in the non pvp and grief area.
  6. Name: Lusifer2011 Reason Behind wanting to join: Just want to join a server with a good player base and good admins. Will you follow rules as stated above: yep
  7. Name: Lusifer2011 Age: 19 Reason you want to join: Looking for a new server to play on, meet new people, and hang out. Have you every been banned: nope
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