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  1. Hey chaps and chappettes My lovely partner Kirsty and I started a Tekkit Let's Play back in April. We set out with the goal to create a full village, supplied with nuclear energy, factories, residential housing and more. We managed to kill each other a few times, discuss her superior feminine mining techniques and generally take the chaotic path towards our goal. Recently, we've managed to get access to the internet once again, and soon, we'll be continuing with the mission! If you're interested in following us through the journey, or even just checking out her video style, I'd re
  2. If you can make a philosophers stone, you can craft a sandstone and change it into a gravel. So you wouldn't even need to add flint at all EDIT: Also, remember that the philosophers stone can transmute cobblestone to grass and sand.
  3. Yeah, realised as soon as I had posted! xD Thanks DarthMoogle. Hopefully an Admin can put me straight
  4. Hello you beautiful people I decided to experiment with Tekkit by utilising the higher EMC of milk buckets as compared to empty ones. I also hate cows. There'll be a few other interesting ideas I'll be experimenting with and adding to the map. From now on, I'll likely be doing Build-a-longs, and finish with a demo much like the video you're watching. Let me know what you think x Edit: Apologies if this should have gone in the Let's Play section!
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