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  1. my username is xSwampRatx and if you could get it sorted out for me on the server it would be much appreciated Kwizzle!
  2. Umm why the heck have I been "Banned: Greifing" because I haven't, some member just gave me free RM and diamonds, and I've started to build a base with my friend. Can you please explain why I've been banned at least? "Greifing" doesn't help explain when I haven't greifed...
  3. Minecraft Username: xSwampRatx Age: 15 Experience: I should probably stop playing tekkit before I fail any more tests... Just kidding, but really, I've played too much. Why I want to join: I have been on a variety of servers, but they all seem to be down often, switch to a new world, or turn private! I just want to have a good time at my Rat Cave drinking and brewing rum and beer! XD Question: Does this server have any plug ins such as chestshops or factions? If not, you should look into it. Player owned shops can grow a huge, fun community.
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