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  1. Well, you didn't directly say it to me, but I saw you say it to someone else. But please, I really want to play on this server. It's really nice. My brother wants to play also but we got IP banned, so... I didn't even know that someone owned the pipes and I still don't know what wooden block I apparently broke. I'm not a griefer, I just downloaded tekkit to play with my brother and my friend.
  2. They already have the timber mod... but I'm still banned D: pleeease unban me
  3. I would like to apply for an appeal for a ban. I apparently broke one single wooden block from someone's house, even though I don't know how that's possible, I had been mining for the past 3 hours with my friend Ebag73. After Ebag73 and ~§lDragon had a small argument, ~§lDragon kicked him and said that Ebag73 was being disrespectful and that he was hassling him. And then I got accused of breaking 3 pipes that were sitting in the middle of the open at spawn. It was not protected and no one was nearby. I even told them that I would give them 3 diamonds because that's how much the pipes cost. Aft
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