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  1. I use Java 7 so it may or may not work for you, but you can find all the mods/coremods and configs in folders in the zip just move the stuff from the mods folder to the mods folder in your .minecraft etc( don't forget configs and coremods!!!) and then you'll be fine:) PS: also when you install forge and optifine in a 1.4.6 jar run minecraft and then the mods, coremods, and config folders should pop up in your .minecraft
  2. You just need to install forge and optifine then put the core mods, mods, and configs then you're good:D
  3. I just install the mods into my own minecraft because my technic launcher refused to except the modpack
  4. I couldn't get the mod pack to work with my technic launcher but what I did is I just installed all the mods on my vanilla minecraft and also moved the configs over. Hope this helps:)
  5. Ah so I see what the problem is now, what exactly is wrong with your VNC?(just trying to help)
  6. Well if I'm right then couldn't you just go to the computer that's actually running the server and do it from there?
  7. Isn't VNC just controlling a another computer from your own?(or something like that)
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